Kimberly Mehrtens @KimberlyM19

7 Fun Kids Games and Activities Based on Movies: Star Wars, Disney and More

Want to bring your kid's favorite movie to life? Turn the TV and DVD player off and try these DIY games and activities instead!

From Star Wars to Frozen to the latest Pixar movie, movies are a great way to connect and bond with your kids. So what if you could extend the movie magic to the games and activities your kids play during the day?

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Here are 7 games and activities to keep your kids smiling long after the credits roll:

  1. Star Wars: Jedi Training Obstacle Course
    Does your kiddo love Star Wars? Grab simple household items like string, duct tape and pool noodles to create an outdoor Jedi Training Obstacle Course. This is an easy way to get your kids active and outside while also letting their imaginations fly!

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  2. Inside Out: The Emotions Game
    This game is great for your younger kids! Simply print and cut out the emotions from here to create a great sorting game that helps kids learn to recognize their own emotions and those of others. 
    Courtesy of Mom Endeavors
  3. Frozen: Frozen Fractals Ice Sculptures
    Using various ice trays, containers, food coloring and a paintbrush make these simple Frozen-themed ice sculptures with your kids. These frozen works of art are guaranteed to make your kid feel like a real-life Elsa!
    Courtesy of Happy Hooligans
  4. Minions: Make a Mod Minion Folder for School
    Kids adore these yellow minions, so why not make a movie souvenir that they can even bring to school? This folder-making activity is fun AND useful!
    Courtesy of Fandango
  5. Harry Potter: Dementor Pinata
    An activity and game combined, this Dementor Pinata will excite any avid Harry Potter fan. Have your little wizards cry out Expecto Patronum! as they battle the Dementor with wands for some extra fun.
    Courtesy of Jonesing2Create
  6. Tangled: Pin the Frying Pan to Flynn Game
    Have a Tangled fan amongst your midst? Equip your brave princess with some cut-out frying pans (with tape on the back) and have her and some friends pin the pan to Flynns wanted poster. Bonus points if they get it on the first try!
    Courtesy of James and Julie Paquette
  7. Peanuts: Make a Gingerbread House
    With the newest Peanuts movie coming to theaters soon, this is the perfect activity to get your kid into the Snoopy spirit! Throw on some Peanuts classics on the TV and help your kids make Snoopys iconic red doghouse with delicious gingerbread.
    Courtesy of Fandango

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