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Utilize the power of technology to teach your kids math in ways that match their unique learning styles. Here are 15 great math apps to check out.



Do you recall staring at a chalkboard trying to understand complex math concepts? Technology now makes it possible to present learning in a variety of different formats -- doing more "showing than telling." It has quickly replaced textbooks with a more visual and interactive way of learning. Understanding fractions, algebra and basic counting can all be found in the best math apps for kids, which encourage practice in addition to teaching new concepts.

"Technology is everywhere, so it should definitely be included in the math classroom or wherever math is taught," says Sarah Cyprowski, a sixth-grade math teacher at Margaret Bell Miller Middle School, who is just finishing her 10th year of teaching. "The students that I am teaching today are already so different than those I taught 10 years ago in terms of technology. They just 'know' it and almost seem to expect it in my teaching."

The best math apps for kids teach a variety of concepts for all ages and stages of learners. If you know your child's style of learning, it's easy to provide the right opportunity for learning by utilizing all the many possibilities that technology offers.

While technology enhances learning, there are many ways for kids to learn, points out Erin Kuhns, a certified elementary education teacher in the West Greene School District in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. A variety of different approaches that focus on your child's learning strengths—from interactive games to one-on-one tutoring—can help them develop new skills. "We need to keep things interesting and remember all kids are different," says Kuhns. Regardless whether technology is involved, "kids cannot maintain focus when not interested," she stresses. Use lots of activities so you address all learning styles. With that in mind.

Here are 15 great math apps for kids:

For Preschoolers

  1. Team Umizoomi: Math Racer -  ($4.99)
    Based on the Nickelodeon show, this app takes a fun approach to number identification, sequencing and early operations for young learners.
  2. Laugh & Learn Let's Count Animals - (Free)
    For the youngest child in your family, this great free app teaches first numbers and words.
  3. Mickey's Super Rocket Shapes - ($4.99)
    With this app, your child helps Mickey Mouse navigate through space while exploring shapes.

For Elementary Schoolers

  1. Kindergarten Kids Math - ($1.99)
    If your child prefers a game that's interactive, this app requires kids to do more manipulation than just tapping their answers.
  2. Math BINGO - ($0.99)
    This app uses the familiar game of Bingo to teach the different operations in three different levels to accommodate emerging learners.

For All Ages

  1. ABC Mouse - (Free)
    This free app offers activities in a variety of subjects, including math, and can be tailored specifically to your child. This app also follows many school curriculum standards.
  2. Math Planet - (Free)
    Geared for kids in grades 1 through 8, this free game supports more than 50 Common Core State Standards, teaching concepts like fractions, measurement and number sense.
  3. Math Practice Flash Cards - (Free)
    With numerous options to customize your flash card experience, this free app is great math practice for all levels.
  4. Kids Math - (Free)
    This free app teaches basic operations, sorting and counting from one to 100. Each activity can be adjusted to easy, medium or hard to accommodate every stage of learner.
  5. Grade Math by EduPad - (Free)
    Great free apps specific to each grade level teach mathematical concepts found in a typical curriculum.

For More Advanced Learners

  1. Math vs Zombies - (Free)
    This free app calls for kids to use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve problems to keep zombies away.
  2. King of Math - ($1.99)
    This app teaches fractions, powers and statistics to achieve the game's different goals and objectives .
  3. Doodle Math - (Free)
    This free app is designed to help your children learn and practice math concepts with a personalized curriculum.
  4. Complete Mathematics - (Free)
    For advanced learners, these free tutorials and activities take kids through learning progressive math concepts, such as trigonometry, statistics and geometry.
  5. Math Duel - ($2.99)
    This app geared to kids ages 7 and up engages two players in a fast-paced game, allowing for socializing while testing skills.

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Jennifer Stauffer is a former teacher and member of the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. She also worked on Capitol Hill in PR and legislation before becoming a mother in 2011. She now blogs about parenting and pop culture at Mom Tattles and is hopeful about publishing her first novel soon.

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