6 Worst Kid Halloween Costumes

Marjorie Bogart
June 8, 2017

Real moms confess the scariest and saddest Halloween costumes their kids have gone trick-or-treating in as part of the Care.com Interview Series



Getting kids dressed for school is a struggle in itself, so it's no wonder that dressing up for Halloween can turn into a disaster worthy of its own scary movie special. Growth spurts, temper tantrums and simple lack of time can all throw a monster monkey-wrench into costume plans.

We asked our favorite mommy bloggers to share the worst Halloween costume they've ever dressed their kids in or allowed them to wear.  But while these looks might not have won any best costume contests, it's the candy that really matters, right?

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  1. Spandex Skeleton
    Jenny Shoberl, from Holdin' Holden, couldn't pass up a good deal when she purchased her son's costume online. Halloween day, her son put the outfit on for the first time and, "that sucker was 80s Jazzercise spandex tight and a good 2 inches too short." Unfortunately, after an hour of trick-or-treating, they realized that the "black body condom" was definitely not "potty-friendly".

  2. Mickey Mouse
    After coughing up the money for a store-bought costume of this iconic mouse, Mom of the Year blogger Meredith Spidel, was not happy when her son "pitched a massive fit and would only be caught dead in the bottom half of his mouse suit." On the bright side, "I have some brand-new mouse ears and oversized white gloves if anyone wants to borrow them..."

  3. Cereal Killer
    Nicole Knepper, from Moms Who Drink and Swear, is all for encouraging imagination. However, when her son "took a knife and slashed boxes of cereal, drew dead eyes on them and carried around a fake knife with blood," it made her question the costume. "It freaked me out, even if it was creative. What a weirdo".

  4. Purple Spider
    When raising a two-year-old, costume shopping wasn't exactly top priority for Dani Ryan, of Cloudy with a Chance of Wine. A last-minute trip to the store ended with this cheesy eight-legged ensemble. "It was the saddest thing I've ever seen, and I was secretly relieved it rained that night so we had an excuse not to take her trick-or-treating. I could've used the candy though, you know?"

  5. Princess
    Robyn Welling, from Hollow Tree Ventures, accepts all the blame for the lack of effort put into this costume. While juggling a hectic work, day care and mothering schedule, she gladly took the easy route for Halloween. "My daughter wore a foil crown she'd gotten that day at a friend's birthday party because she refused to take it off -- no fancy gown, no bows or frills, no fairy wand. But do you think she cared about anything but the candy? No way."

  6. Hannah Montana
    Kiss My List blogger Dana Hemelt's daughter decided to dress up as this pop star back before she was a household name. Hemelt constructed a DIY costume consisting of "a long sleeved turquoise t-shirt [with] ironed on letters to spell out 'Hannah Montana,' a microphone and a cheap blond wig that looked like a rat's nest by the time [her daughter] stepped out the door." This costume also resulted in her daughter having to answer "who are you?" at every house. Of course, "Hannah Montana costumes were all over the stores the next Halloween".


Have your kids worn a costume you'd like to forget? Share your kids' worst costumes below.

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