54 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas in 4 Steps or Less

Sara Eberle
Sept. 28, 2017

Check out these fun and funny frocks for boys, girls, infants, families and groups!

Running out of time for your kids to have the coolest costume on the block? We've got creative, trendy, and adorable ideas galore for you or your caregiver to pull together in just four easy steps.


Individual Costumes for Boys and Girls

Animal/Nature Costumes

Celebrity/Character Costumes

Classic Costumes

Food Costumes


Movie-Themed Costumes for Kids

Do you have a movie buff in your midst? Here are a few ideas for movie-themed costumes you can make for your little one this year!


Fun Infant Costumes

Even tiny tots love to get in the mix of Halloween fun. Here are easy baby costumes that's sure to bring in extra candy and cuteness bonus points.


Group Costume Ideas

Heading out in a crowd? Here are costumes for families and groups of friends trick or treating together.

Tips and stories from parents and caregivers who’ve been there.

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