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20 gluten-free Halloween recipes kids will love

Sept. 10, 2019
20 gluten-free Halloween recipes kids will love

Halloween means you and your kids are bound to be surrounded by holiday-themed treats galore everywhere wherever you turn — from drugstore aisles to the classroom. But if your little one has a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, it might feel like an especially challenging time of year, as you and your child work to pinpoint festive snacks and sweets that are safe for them to eat. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of gluten-free Halloween treat recipes that are absolutely drool-worthy. From simple, classic and oh-so-tasty caramel corn to freakishly adorable monster cupcakes and everything in between, here are 20 yummy, gluten-free Halloween treats everyone will love.  

1. Black velvet cake

Who says velvet cakes have to be red? This ghoulish and cute cake is pitch black, slathered in (vegan!) frosting, and recipe developer Heather Christo swears you can’t tell that it’s missing the gluten. 

2. Frankenstein cupcakes

Jules Shepard, the award-winning baker behind GFJules.com, explains how to frost your gluten-free cupcakes to look like little monsters that your little monster will love to devour. 

3. Apple cider doughnuts

Image via No Gluten, No Problem

Kelli and Peter Bronski of the blog No Gluten, No Problem are proud of their gluten-free, yet “richly flavorful, moist, tender donut” recipe that’s perfect for Halloween — or autumn in general, really. 

4. Snack-o’-lantern

Image via Meal Diva

Meal Diva’s sweet jack-o’-lantern-themed snack requires just two ingredients: a navel orange and canned or fresh fruit.  

5. Halloween ghost cake

Image via Rhian's Recipes

This eerie, yummy-looking cake from Rhian’s Recipes is gluten-free, vegan, frosted with chocolate buttercream and features little ghosts made out of poached pears. Too cute!

6. ‘Better Than Reese’s’ healthy peanut butter cups

Image via Radical Strength

If you’re craving chocolate peanut butter cups, Rachel MacPherson, a certified personal trainer (ACE) and writer of the blog Radical Strength, recommends whipping up this healthier-for-you alternative. 

7. Caramel apples

What’s one of the most festive fall treats that’s also super-fun to make? Caramel apples, of course! They’re naturally gluten-free, thanks to the simple pairing of an apple and melted-down caramel. Check out this recipe from Udi’s Gluten-Free, and note that adding nuts is completely optional!

8. Spiced caramel bundt cake

Brown rice, tapioca and sweet white sorghum flours combine to create a “can’t-believe-it’s-gluten-free” bundt cake from Cooking Light that packs a warm, spicy punch befitting the Halloween season.  

9. Pumpkin brownie bites

Image via Scratch to Basics 

Megan Barrett, of Scratch to Basics, whips up these adorable little brownie bites that are both gluten- and dairy-free and could be perfect for Halloween — or even Thanksgiving.  

10. Chocolate-dipped gluten-free ‘Oreos’

Cristen Gluch, of Minus the Gluten, recommends getting gluten-free sandwich cookies and dipping in melted chocolate, then decorating as you please — perhaps as mummies like these!

11. Pumpkin spice snickerdoodles

Sweet cinnamon snickerdoodles get a seasonal, Halloween-appropriate kick of pumpkin in this recipe from Honey + Lime

12. Caramel corn

This recipe from The Spruce Eats is naturally gluten-free and uses organic popcorn, butter, sugar and agave syrup.  

13. Ghost brownies

Bake up a batch of gluten-free brownies (consider this recipe from Simply Recipes), then top ‘em with white chocolate-covered, ghostly gluten-free marshmallows. (Doumak and Kraft brands are safe.)

14. Sugar cookies

This gluten-free sugar cookie recipe from Flippin' Delicious makes the perfect foundation for spooky and sweet cutouts of pumpkins, bats, ghosts and gravestones. 

15. Monster cupcakes

These monster cupcakes from the Gluten-Free Blogger are as creepy as they are super-cute. 

16. Orange dark chocolate chip bites

These healthier-for-you, protein-packed bites from Cotter Crunch can be made with peanut or coconut flour.  

17. Witch finger cookies

Taylor of Food Faith Fitness gave the classic witch finger cookie a gluten-free makeover that’s also paleo and vegan. 

18. Mummy Rice Krispies treats

Follow this Pink Fortitude recipe — complete with suggestions for gluten-free and vegan ingredient substitutions — to make classic Rice Krispies treats that look like funny little mummies.  

19. Killer pumpkin granola

Gluten-free oats are the base of this festive snack, whipped up by Gina on So … Let’s Hang Out

20.  Mini ghost cupcakes

These adorable mini ghost cupcakes from Food Faith Fitness are made with peanut butter, coconut flour and banana — but sans gluten. 

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