14 Father's Day cards kids can make

Image via Delia Creates

A handmade card or gift for dad from the kids is a Father's Day must. After all, the kids won't be little forever. Fill an afternoon with creativity, and maybe even a few giggles, as you and your children construct homemade wishes for dad's special day.

You can even share these easy-to-make ideas with your nanny or babysitter, so they can make them with your kids in the days leading up to Father's Day.

Now, check out these cool and creative DIY ideas for Father's Day cards for kids to make. 

1. "I love you this much" card

Easy yet eloquent, this "I love you this much" card from A Day in My Life simply calls for a kid handprint, some colored paper and letter rub-ons. This easy craft makes a wonderful exercise for children who are learning how to write simple words and letters.

2. "Things I love about dad" popsicle stick card

Deliver dad some super-sweet words this Father's Day by making him a "Things I love about dad" popsicle stick card. These super-crafty homages to dad can be rolled up and tied with string for a good surprise. Here's a how-to tutorial from Crafting With Rachna to walk you through how to make one. 

3. Father's Day shirt card

A new shirt or tie is so ho-hum unless it's handmade by little fingers like this Father's Day shirt card from Melissa Dunlap on SheKnows. For an extra splash, add a tie and hanky, pocket or bow tie, or use wrapping paper for a patterned shirt.

2. Edible Dad cookies

Sometimes the perfect Dad's Day message is one they can eat. Here's a recipe for Alphabet Cookies on Epicurious. The kids will love making and decorating them and then helping to gobble them up, too.

5. "Why we love dad" paint chips card 

Pick up some paint chips in dad's favorite colors at a home improvement store, and turn them into a cool keepsake. This colorful "Why we love dad" card idea from Eighteen 25 will be prominently displayed on his desk for years to come.

6. Father's Day bow tie card

Image via Delia Creates

Use this accordion-flower technique from Delia Creates to teach your child how to put together a colorful and sweet Bow tie Father's Day card for dad. 

7. Coupon book for Father's Day 

Doing favors for dad is always fun, especially when your child compiles the favors into a Father's Day coupon book, like this one from KiwiCo. From taking out the trash to washing the car, dad will appreciate redeeming every one.

8. Daddy's own goody bag

Here's an easy gift idea — dad's very own goody bag. Decorate a brown paper bag with a cool tie or his favorite team colors (and maybe some sweet sentiments). Then fill it with his favorite snacks or goodies. Here's a Father's Day goody bag how-to from Little Family Fun.

9. Happy Father's Day handprint tree

This Father's Day handprint tree idea from Crafting Chicks could become a cool tradition for your family. Have your child make him a new one each year so dad can see how much his child has grown.

10. Father's Day scratch-off card 

Image via Design Dazzle

Help dad win the lottery of love this Father's Day! Learn how to make him this creative Father's Day scratch-off card over at Design Dazzle, and let the compliments flow.

11. Dad jokes card

This fill-in-the-blanks dad jokes card from Teacher Idea Factory is a surefire way to get laughs from dad and the whole family.

12. Handy dad card

Big kids who are honing their precision-scissor-wielding skills will love cutting out and glueing together this card for handy fathers. The removable tools make this card as fun to make as it is to receive. 

13. Dad's Day origami shirt card

Shirt cards have long been a hit for Father's Day, but this origami shirt card from Alpha Mom will give this old standby card idea lots of dimension and texture.

14. Rise and shine coffee cup card

If the kids insist on waking up dad at o-dark-hundred (and they will), it's best if they come bearing his favorite cup of caffeine. Kids can decorate cups in advance or on the fly after you pick up dad's favorite cup at a local shop. 

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