12 Fun Flag Day Activities for Kids

Marissa Lucero
May 9, 2013

Flag Day occurs every June 14th and is a great time to celebrate the symbol of America. You can plan fun things to do and get kids in a patriotic mood.

Here are 12 activities to get you started. Share them with your nanny or babysitter so she can do them with your kids too.

  1. Dress in the Colors of the American Flag
    Have your kids wear their favorite red, white and blue attire on Flag Day. A red shirt, blue pants and white shoes? Sure, why not? Or, if you're feeling crafty, purchase plain white t-shirts and have your kids decorate them with red and blue paint. They'll be proud to sport their patriotic creation while honoring the red, white and blue.

  2. Create a Trivia Game
    Write down Flag Day trivia on plain index cards and create a game out of it. (Find fun flag facts on this site.) Have your family answer questions such as "how many red stripes are on the American Flag?" or "when did the United States add a fiftieth star?" For every question answered correctly, that person earns a point. At the end of the game, whoever earned the most points get his or her choice of ice cream, a favorite American treat!

  3. Review Proper Flag Protocol
    Make sure your kids understand how special the flag is and how it should be treated and displayed. Look over these guidelines from the US Department of Veterans Affairs if you need a refresher. Learn how to fold the flag and what each fold represents with these easy instructions.

  4. Make Your Own Flag
    Cristin Frank, author of Living Simple, Free & Happy and founder for the blog Eve of Reduction, has a terrific Flag Day project the kids will love. With simple steps and only a few supplies, Frank came-up with an original Patriotic Flag Day Kid's Craft. All you need are sandwich sticks, poster board, red and blue Kool-Aid and Elmer's glue.

    "Kool-Aid is a fun way to add color to your projects, but you can also use markers or dip the sandwich sticks in melted crayons," Frank says. "To enhance this project, glue the sandwich sticks onto two craft sticks that run vertically. Allow the craft sticks to extend below the flag so they can be used to stick into the soil of a potted plant."

  5. Bake an Edible Flag
    Create a simple cake (any flavor from a boxed brand or from scratch if there's a recipe you prefer), as long as it's in a rectangular-shaped baking pan. Cover completely with white icing, add blueberries, raspberries and white icing piped as striped in between. This dessert is super fun to create together and absolutely delicious to enjoy! It can also be done with Rice Krispy treats and red and blue M&Ms for a different but still sweet version!

    Or try these yummy flag cake recipes from Smitten Kitchen, Ina Garten or Martha Stewart.

  6. Count Local Flags
    Get outside and enjoy the warm summer weather on a walk with your kids. While out and about, ask the children to count as many flags as they can in your neighborhood. The kids will be excited when they spot the red, white and blue fabric, all while taking in the fresh June air.

  7. Make a Hula Hoop Flag
    Have a little active fun with a flag theme. Sarah Jordan, founder of Hooping by Sarah, suggests taking a plain hula hoop and decorating it with red, white and blue vinyl tape.

    After decorating, play games involving the hula hoop with your children, such as who can hula hoop the longest. Jordan recommends playing "Hooper Says." This game "is just like Simon Says, only this time Simon instructs the kids to do things involving the hula hoop. For example, 'Hooper says jump rope with your hula hoop!' or 'Hooper says drop your hoop and walk around it.'"

  8. Learn About Other Flags
    Use this day as a way to look at and learn about the flags from other countries. (The World Factbook is a great resource for images.) Ask kids to look for ones that are similar to America's flag or point out ones that have interesting symbols and designs. Help kids design a flag for your family -- what colors and symbols represent your clan?

  9. Host a Mini Concert
    Print out the lyrics to songs such as "The Star Spangled Banner" (did you know there are four verses?) and "You're a Grand Old Flag." Learn the songs and sing them together with your family in your own backyard concert. Even if the only spectator is the dog and some stuffed animals, the kids will feel extra special knowing that they're performing some of oldest songs in American history.

  10. Attend a Parade
    Many town's put together a Flag Day parade or festival. This is a great opportunity for your family to join the community in celebrating an underrated holiday in American history. Some events involve barbecues, games and music. Check out your town's website to see if there are any celebrations scheduled in your neighborhood.

  11. Make a Red, White and Blue Spritzer
    Fill a glass with frozen blueberries and strawberries, and top with Sprite or 7UP. This refreshing, patriotic treat encompasses the colors of the flag -- and cools you off for summer! You could also freeze red and blue Kool-Aid in ice cube trays, and add the colorful cubes in place of the frozen fruit. Both are simple and rejuvenating.

  12. Visit a Local History Museum
    Seeing that Flag Day is a part American history, see if your town has any historical museums or monuments nearby. These could include state museums, interesting land marks or statues. It's important for kids to learn about the history of the land they live in, and where the American flag flies free.

Marissa Lucero is a freelance writer in Denver, Colorado.

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