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44 Easy Kid Crafts for Easter

Jessica Retrum
July 21, 2017

Get inspired by these fun DIY Easter craft ideas that are simple and great for children.



Easter Sunday will be here before you know it. Start planning for the holiday and the arrival of the Easter bunny and the kickoff to the season of spring.

We gathered our favorite kid-friendly Easter activities (whether colorful crafts or yummy recipes) that are sure to brighten up your home and your mood.

Check out these 44 egg-cellent ideas to get in the spring spirit and keep your children entertained. Share them with your nanny so she can do them with your kids too.

And check out these 10 Kid-friendly Crafts for Passover.

  1. Jelly Bean Chicks
    These chicks are so cute that kids will have a hard time tearing them apart for the candy inside. Great gift for cousins or other relatives you plan on seeing for Easter brunch.

  2. Colorful Canvas Eggs
    Skip the messy dyes this Easter by helping your older kids make these beautiful canvas Easter eggs. Put them in a glass vase for a simple centerpiece.

  3. Washcloth Bunnies
    Looking for a craft that you can make with supplies around the house? Create these bunnies out of brightly-colored washcloths that can adorn your child's Easter basket or help clean up in the bath!

  4. Peep Wreath
    Too many Peeps this Easter can mean much too many sweets. Try using some of the excess treats to make this fun wreath! Hint: hang them high enough so your little ones, or your dog, won't be tempted!

  5. Pretty Paint Chip Garland
    This craft is so easy you won't believe it. Just cut up paint chips and voila, a colorful garland to brighten up any room in the house.

  6. Eggcellent Easter Crowns
    Nannies, this is the perfect craft for the little princesses in your life. Help them attach the plastic eggs with a hot glue gun and encourage their creativity by allowing them to decorate them however they please.

  7. Cross Window Decoration
    Remind your little ones why you celebrate Easter Sunday with this beautiful (and simple) stained glass cross craft.

  8. Crayon-Colored Eggs
    No need to spend time and energy on cleaning up yucky dye all afternoon. Just use melted crayons on your eggs this year for a new, yet memorable tradition.

  9. Birds Nest Candy Treats
    Indulge this Easter with these sweet birds nest treats. Every kid in your family can help make these...just try to keep them from eating all the yummy ingredients before they're done baking!

  10. Spring Chicken Cake Pops
    Make the classic cake pop recipe even better by decorating the treat as cute little chicks. Fun for the kids to bake and even better to taste.

  11. Sound-Maker Eggs
    This is the perfect activity for your energetic preschooler. Nannies: try having each kid make a different type of shaker and then encourage them to put on a musical show for mom and dad.

  12. Bunny Footprints
    Even your youngest ones can participate in this memorable craft. Just have them literally hop like bunnies to make footprint pictures you'll want to frame.

  13. Carrot Cupcakes
    Make these creative cupcakes by using ice cream cones to form the perfect carrot shape. But don't let your kids convince you that they count as veggies!

  14. No Dye, No Mess Easter Eggs
    The old tradition of dying Easter eggs is lots of fun -- until you have bright red dye all over you, the kids and the furniture. Take a break from dye and try one of these easy and mess-free decorating ideas.

  15. Fruitastic Chick
    Use your favorite fruits to make this adorable chick on Easter morning. It's also a fabulous way to get even your picky eaters to snack better all year long.

  16. Eggciting Yarn Wreath
    This wreath takes a little time, so it's perfect for nannies or babysitters to try with older kids on a rainy afternoon. You'll be so proud of the end result.

  17. Spring Wreath
    Looking for ways to decorate the home even after the holiday? This simple wreath is pretty all spring long and takes practically no time to make.

  18. Bunny Bows
    What could be better than a fun craft for your little girl that doubles as an adorable accessory for Easter Sunday?

  19. Q-Tip Bunny
    Heads up moms: this inexpensive bunny craft is hopping into a home near you. Kids of all ages will love to play with these little critters and you'll love that it's a completely mess-free project.

  20. Sock Bunny
    Surprise your kids by hiding these fuzzy little creatures around the house this holiday... just don't use Dad's smelly socks!

  21. Fingerprint Cross
    This is a wonderful craft to make at home or in a Sunday School class in preparation for Easter. Hang up all of the creations and admire how beautifully different each child's is.

  22. Floss Easter Eggs
    Make these bright and whimsical Easter eggs out of floss and hang them in your children's rooms or above your dining room table for a unique centerpiece.

  23. Ribbon Easter Basket
    Kids look forward to the Easter egg hunt all year long. Now nannies can help them get ready for the big event by decorating their own baskets with this pretty idea.

  24. Little Lamb Pillows
    Make this cozy pillow for Easter, but watch little ones cuddle with it all year long. It's also a great first sewing project for older kids.

  25. Easter Egg Candle Holder
    You use inexpensive plastic eggs to create this candle holder, but the end result is anything but cheap. Kids will love helping you paint and you'll love showing it off for all your holiday guests.

  26. Shaving Cream Eggs
    Toddlers in tow? Never fear! This craft is fun for every kid in your family, and you'll be amazed what they can make with a little paint and daddy's shaving cream. Bonus: they'll be forced to take a bath after!

  27. Button Egg Ornament
    Sometimes the prettiest Easter eggs aren't made out of eggs (that will quickly spoil) at all! Try these fun button alternatives. They can decorate the home this spring and even hang on your next Christmas tree!

  28. Frozen Yogurt Easter Treat
    With all the jelly beans, Peeps and chocolate bunnies, your kids may be off the walls each year...and you may be off your rocker. Try these kid (and mom) approved egg-shaped frozen yogurt snacks instead.

  29. Egg Carton Chicks
    After all of the Easter egg decorating, you're going to be left with quite a few empty cartons. Teach your children to recycle with this cute chick craft.

  30. Egg-Shaped Sidewalk Chalk
    We love projects that are equally as fun to play with as they are to make! Parents or babysitters can help kids make this egg-shaped chalk and then use it as an excuse to go outside in the beautiful spring weather.

  31. Bunny Place Cards
    Looking for creative ways to decorate your house before Easter? The kids can help by making these adorable bunny rabbit place cards for the table. It's also a great way to keep them busy while you are getting ready.

  32. Jelly Bean Bracelets
    These edible accessories are a perfect project for little girls to make for friends or for babysitters to make with little boys as a gift for mommy.

  33. Tissue Paper Easter Egg
    Gather together construction paper, tissue paper and glue for this simple craft for kids of all ages.

  34. Salt Dough Easter Egg Garland
    Wow! we cannot believe how el-egg-ant this garland turned out! From baking the salt dough with the kids to letting them decorate the eggs, this is a great way to keep them entertained all day.

  35. Bunny Ears Picture Frame
    What could be better than spending time with your family this Easter, while creating a timeless (comical) keepsake? Moms, this will be an amazing way to reminisce with (and embarrass) your children as they get older.

  36. Marvelous Marbled Eggs
    These painted marbled eggs turn out marvelously, and because of the huge trays you and your kids use, there is hardly any mess.

  37. Spring Baskets
    Gather just a few household items to design these sweet spring baskets. Your child can collect eggs in it on the big day and then keep goodies in it year round.

  38. Paper Plate Chick
    Looking for a perfect preschool or kindergarten project for the class? Try these paper plate chicks. They're a simple decoration to brighten up any room.

  39. Easter Tree Centerpiece
    Trees aren't just for Christmas! This year, create an Easter tree. Make this one perfect for spring by adding flower decals or hanging decorated eggs with sweet surprises and notes inside.

  40. Cheerful Chick Cookies
    If these little chick cookies weren't so scrumptious they might be too cute to eat!

  41. Easter Bonnet
    Help your littlest ones make these silly bonnets and then take adorable pictures to send to relatives you can't see this Easter.

  42. Buzzing Bumble Bee Eggs
    Let these friendly and festive bumble bee eggs buzz into a home near you this Easter.


  43. Pretty Paper Lilies
    What's more festive than spring lilies around Easter time? Babysitters can try these with toddlers as a gift for mom or grandma.

  44. Easter Countdown
    For those of us that are trying to teach our kids that Easter is more than just bunnies and jelly beans, here is a fun way to countdown to the holiday, while tying in some important facts.

Care.com Member Care
March 4, 2013

Hi Valerie! Thank you for the comment! We also created a list of crafts for Passover as well: http://www.care.com/child-care... I hope that helps!

March 4, 2013

Ok, thats all great, but any ideas for Jewish kids?

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