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10 Kid-Friendly Crafts for Passover

Jessica Retrum
Feb. 27, 2013

Celebrate the story of the Exodus with these fun DIY activities for kids.

Passover is quickly approaching and you may be looking for some entertaining yet educational activities for every kid in your family.

Whether it's preparing for the Pesach Seder with decorative Afikomen covers or trying some yummy recipes to replace that simple Matzo standby, we have compiled a list of ten great ways to spend quality time with your family this holiday.

These crafts are fun options for teaching children the many important reasons you celebrate Passover. Use them to prepare before the holiday or have fun during the eight day celebration. Share them with your nanny, so she can do them with your kids too.

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  1. Passover Seder Plate
    Make this special seder plate to use throughout the holiday with your kids. Get them more involved by explaining to them what each part of the plate symbolizes.

  2. Elijah's Cup
    Kids at every age can beautifully decorate Elijah's cup with just a little colorful string, a few rhinestones and some glue.


  3. Matzo House
    We never thought we'd say this, but encourage your children to play with their food by creating this Matzo house that is fun to make and actually tastes good too! It's the Pesach version of the classic gingerbread house.

  4. Afikomen Bag
    Finding the Afikomen is one of the most exciting Passover traditions for kids. Now they can make a lovely cover for their favorite hidden treasure.

  5. The Ten Plagues Place Cards
    Often the most memorable part of the Pesach seder for children (and parents!) is how the family reenacts the ten plagues. Have your little ones make these fun and simple place cards for each family member to get silly with during this part of the celebration.

  6. Matzo Cover
    The best part about this Passover craft is that it requires no sewing whatsoever, so you can make this with even your youngest kids in less than half an hour.

  7. Matzo Haystack Treat
    What is Passover without some unleavened bread? But, wow, who knew matzo could taste so yummy? This recipe puts a spin on the classic chocolate-covered matzo treat.

  8. Red Sea Diorama
    This project is great for demonstrating to kids why we celebrate Passover.


  9. Plant the Passover Seder Karpas
    We love this idea of planting your own parsley for the Passover Seder karpas with the kids in a little pot at home. Little ones can take care of the herb all year long, reminding them of the important holiday.

  10. Hieroglyphic Pesach Place Cards
    Bring the theme of Egypt to your table with these creative hieroglyphic place cards.

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