10 kid-friendly crafts for Passover

March 17, 2020
10 kid-friendly crafts for Passover
Image via lessonplansandnamebrands/Instagram

Passover is quickly approaching, and you may be looking for some entertaining yet educational activities for every kid in your family. 

Whether it's preparing for the Passover Seder with handmade Afikomen covers or finding interesting ways to craft the plagues, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great ways to spend quality time with your family this holiday.

These crafts are fun opportunities to teach children the many important reasons you celebrate Passover. Use them to prepare before the holiday or have fun during the eight-day celebration. Share them with your babysitter or nanny so they can do them with your kids, too!

1. Origami frogs

Image via anna_kinsey_oiler/Instagram

Frogs of all kinds are fun to craft for kids during Passover, as they symbolize the second plague in Exodus. Here, anna_kinsey_oiler has made a fun activity with origami frogs and … you guessed it: googly eyes! 

2. Matzo house

Image via supermakeit/Instagram

This one takes some patience, but the end result is super cute to display for your guests. Supermakeit used melted chocolate in a piping bag to glue pieces of matzo together to make this house, complete with almond slices for roof tiles. 

3. Passover banner

Image via Harvester Designs

This cool banner lets you and your little ones display everything crafty about Passover, including all 10 plagues. Harvester Designs even offers a fun box full of everything you’ll need to make it!

4. Afikomen bags

Image via lessonplansandnamebrands/Instagram

For kids, the Afikomen bag might be one of the most fun aspects of Passover Seder. There’s typically a large piece of matzo stowed in the bag, and whoever finds it gets a prize! These kids made their own, with help from lessonplansandnamebrands.

5. Passover character stick puppets

Image via With Love, Ima

With Love, Ima offers a free printable for kids to color these puppets, cut them out and glue them onto popsicle sticks. It’s fun and educational!

6. Frog bookmark

Image via mayas_crafty_world/Instagram

Another fun frog craft! Make a basic triangle origami bookmark (preferably with green paper), and then add some eyes and a tongue, like mayas_crafty_world did.

7. Lego people parting the Red Sea

Image via elissa.winer/Instagram

This craft could take some time, but it’s going to be the best thing at Passover if you and your kids can pull it off. Elissa.winer dressed Lego people in cotton and felt scraps and placed them between two pieces of blue cardboard for a creative display of parting the Red Sea. 

8. Lambs and doors

Image via burnsidechristadelphians/Instagram

As the 10th and final plague says, the Jews marked their doors with the blood of the sacrificial lamb so God will “pass over” their homes. Burnsidechristadelphians had their Sunday school class recreate this plague with lambs on doilies and doors on wooden plates. 

9. Passover table name markers

Image via tovliebe/Instagram

These Passover table place cards from tovliebe are creative and colorful, perfect for kids to make ahead of the Seder feast. 

10. Elijah cups

Image via rachelsartclub/Instagram

The fifth ceremonial cup is poured during Seder dinner and left untouched in honor of Elijah. Rachelsartclub got together to make these colorful cups out of colored string and tacky glue.

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