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Care.com Interview Series: What's in Your Holiday Survival Kit?

Marjorie Bogart
June 8, 2017

Real moms share their essentials for surviving the holidays.

Don't you love the holidays? The sleigh rides, jingle bells and snowmen. Oh yeah, and the busy schedules, endless holiday cards to fill out and expensive presents to purchase and wrap. Before the holiday madness turns you into a green-skinned and bitter Grinch, check out these tips and tricks from moms to help you get through the holidays.

Find extra holiday help to keep your spirits bright this season. 

  1. A Realistic Schedule
    Take time to decide which holiday events and activities you need to attend and which you can skip. Write the important ones on your calendar and when days get hectic, forget about the rest. Jes Peterson of Jes' Delights adds, "Stay focused on your core values, while letting go of the stuff that doesn't matter to avoid burning out."

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  2. Memorable Moments
    Focus on creating meaningful moments as a family. Your kids will never remember every present they received, but they will remember the traditions they took part in. House of Hendrix blogger Allison Hendrix insists,"Toys break, meals are eaten, decorations come down, but the experiences that involve relationship are what linger."

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  3. An Idea Board
    Keep track of all the tasty recipes, winter crafts and holiday activities you'd love to try. Pick five of your favorites to take a crack at and save the rest. Mary Carver of Giving Up On Perfect suggests, "Pin all those other ideas to a Pinterest board for next year."

    See our favorite holiday pins here: Holiday Cheer.

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  4. Restaurants on Speed Dial
    The dinner table is often the best place to bring the family together. However, when your day is spent shopping, decorating and wrapping, the last thing you have time for is hours in the kitchen. When it comes to feeding the family, Dude Mom blogger Amanda Rodriguez has learned to "just show up with a pie I buy at Costco and everyone is happy!"

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  5. A Great Babysitter
    Whether you hire a babysitter or a nanny, or beg for help from a relative, our mothers agree that getting time away from the kids is crucial for keeping a clear head this season. Tackle some shopping, take an exercise class, have a date night with your partner or "get a babysitter to watch the kids so [you] can do some last minute errands," encourages Rodriguez.

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