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8 Creative Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make for Their Nanny

Sandy Wallace
Nov. 22, 2017

These handmade gifts will delight both your children and your nanny.

8 Creative Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make for Their Nanny
Image via Stocksy.com/Lumina

Don't look now, but the holidays are almost here. Have you started planning a gift for your children's nanny? In addition to a holiday bonus, a gift from the heart will warm your nanny's soul.

Find extra holiday help to keep your spirits bright this season. 

You can purchase a gift (get ideas from our article, "26 Gift Ideas for Nannies") or make one with your kids.

Check out these great ideas for gifts your child will love to create. One of these special presents will let your nanny feel the love and show her she's a valued member of the family.

  1. Create Holiday Ornaments
    Try a homemade photo ornament to adorn your nanny's holiday tree. They are simple to make and even young children can help. Start with a small, unfinished wood photo frame from the craft store. Let your child add paint, sequins, glitter and beads to personalize the frame. Use a hot glue gun to attach ribbon for hanging, add a photo and your child's gift is complete.

    Another easy ornament for children to make is with a clear plastic or glass ornament ball that has an opening at the top. Use a small kitchen funnel to fill the ornament with artificial snow, glitter or colored sand.Then add a design, the year and/or your nanny's name on the outside with a fine-tip marker or glitter glue.

  2. Make a Hand-Print Picture
    A framed picture of your little one's hand or footprint is a gift that will bring back memories for years. It's easy and fun to make this gift just right for the holidays, too. Cover the bottom of your child's feet in brown finger paint and have him step onto a sheet of card stock, toes pointing up to mirror a pair of Rudolph faces. Use paint to add antlers and eyes. Finish with a red thumbprint nose. Have your child write their name before you frame this gift.

  3. Paint a Canvas
    Decorate your nanny's walls with a painted canvas. This idea is simple for children of all ages. Choose holiday colors or your nanny's favorite colors. Hand your budding Picasso a wide paint brush and let her paint abstract designs on the canvas. Once the paint dries, finish the canvas with a sealant and your child's handiwork will be protected for years to come.

  4. Hand Craft a Scrapbook
    A scrapbook filled with photos of fun times with the children is a gift your nanny will treasure. Start with an 8x8 or 12x12 scrapbook. If you have multiple children, let each child create a two-page spread. You can use the white paper that comes in the scrapbook or add specialty paper from your local craft store. In addition to photos, let your child use stickers and die-cut shapes to make the pages more fun. Don't forget to add titles to each page or pair of pages.

    Work together on the rest of the pages, leaving a few empty for your nanny to add more photos later. You can also find pre-designed scrapbooks on Etsy and add photos and handwritten titles to each page.

  5. Layer a Cookie Jar
    Everyone loves homemade cookies and nannies are no exception. Build a cookie jar gift by layering the dry ingredients necessary to make chocolate chip cookies. Pinterest will show you how to make this simple and simply delicious gift. Your children will love building a cookie jar and your nanny will love the results. While you're at it, make a couple of extras for the grandparents.

  6. Decorate a Seasonal Wreath
    Make your nanny a wreath to hang on her door. Check out this site for step-by-step instructions. Bring your children to the craft store and let them choose adornments. You can use pine cones, decorative gift boxes, candy canes or other attachments. Help your children tie the bow and you can use the hot glue gun to attach the items to the wreath. Your nanny can use this wreath year after year.

  7. Fill a Decorative Seashell Bowl
    Did your nanny come along on your beach trip this summer? Or maybe she just loves the ocean. You can re-create summer memories or bring a little bit of the beach into her home using seashells you gathered together or buying some from a craft store. Pick up a fish bowl and bag of sand at the pet store. Add a thick layer of sand in the bottom of the bowl. Let your child arrange a collection of seashells, colored rocks, starfish and other beach-themed items inside bowl. Crop a photo of your children at the beach and stand it up in the sand.

  8. Craft a Personalized Perfume
    What nanny wouldn't want to be pampered with a scent created just for her? There are tons of perfumeries around the country where you can create a signature fragrance. Take the kids along and have them help choose scents they think their nanny will like. The fragrance experts will be able to help you mix the perfect combination to create something that your nanny will love. Want to make your own? This site has tons of helpful information.

With all of these great ideas, you will only have to decide which one is just right for your nanny. Anything made with love from your kids will surely be a hit. Happy crafting and happy holidays!


Sandy Wallace is a freelance writer covering all things Virginia. Her work can be found here.

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