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9 Easy Dessert Recipes from Care.com

Marjorie Bogart
June 5, 2017

Our interns share their best dessert bake off recipes as part of the Care.com Interview Series.



Here at Care.com, we often find that the best way to an employee's heart is through baked goods. Care.com decided to put its employees to the test by having them whip up some of their favorite recipes. To some, these recipes represented a favorite childhood memory, while others chose recipes that were simple yet delicious and were perfect for their no-fuss attitude toward baking. These tasty treats were such a hit in the office that we wanted to share them with you. Have the nanny try them out at home or get the whole family involved in creating scrumptious memories of your own.

  1. Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies
    Butter really does make everything better when it comes to these cookies. You won't be able to resist their chocolaty goodness.

    See the chocolate gooey butter cookie recipe

  2. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
    These yummy chocolate cookies are a great treat any time of the year.

    See the chocolate crinkle cookie recipe 

  3. Eggless Date and Walnut Cake
    A great option for anyone looking to cut back on their egg intake - this cake is so good you won't even miss the eggs!

    See the eggless date and walnut recipe 

  4. Peanut Butter Cookies
    Satisfy your peanut butter craving with these simple-to-make cookies.

    See the peanut cookie recipe

  5. Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies
    No need to be Martha Stewart - this salty and sweet treat is so easy to make anyone can do it!

    See the peanut butter pretzel brownies recipe 

  6. Marshmallow Cereal Bars
    Have the kids help customize this classic crowd pleaser by using their favorite cereals.

    See the marshmallow cereal bar recipe 

  7. Sand Dollar Snickerdoodles
    Hold on to summer a little longer with these sand dollar treats - perfect for a beach themed party!

    See the sand dollar snickerdoodle recipe 

  8. Grammy's Thumbprint Cookies
    Have your kids take turns pressing their own thumbprints to mark which cookies are theirs.

    See the thumbprint cookie recipe 

  9. Whopper Brownies
    Put a fun twist on a classic dessert by including your favorite candy.

    See the whopper brownies recipe 

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