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Care.com Interview Series: The Discipline Mistakes I've Made

Morgan Burke
June 8, 2017

6 mom bloggers share their real life triumphs and tribulations in the sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious world of discipline.



It's high noon, and you're in a standoff fit for the movies. The villain? Your misbehaving child. And he's heading for his first victim -- your couch. He makes a move. You make yours. But it's too late -- an explosion of peanut butter and jelly has been imbedded into your furniture. R.I.P white couch. What's your response? Yell? Laugh? Cry? Post on Facebook?

Disciplining kids is a full time job, and sometimes we just don't react how we wish we would. Exhaustion can lead to yelling too much, or not enough. We've all been there and we're all bound to make mistakes. Care.com talked to five of our favorite mom bloggers about the discipline mistakes they've made. The good news? Everyone's survived so far. Here are some highlights from their bloopers-reels.

  1. "I think sending the kids to their room as punishment sort of backfired because they have all their toys in their room, it's the best place they can be, they're alone playing with all their stuff and I think that was pretty ineffective as a consequence to doing something wrong." - Jill Smokler, Scary Mommy

    Find out why Jill says she ignores her kids

  2. "All I can think of is how cute he sounds when he says 'Dammit.' We don't actually discipline him for it. It's wrong...but sometimes I can't stop laughing." - Julie Feinstein Adams, The Calm Before the Stork

    See why Julie has learned to give herself time-outs too

  3. "Some of the comments just make me have to turn away and laugh, like when my 3-year-old told me, 'No Mommy, you're a bad girl for yelling at me!'" - Renee Martinez, Raising Boys World

    Learn how Renee maintains order with four boys and why she never counts to three

  4. "Don't threaten to spank. Even though my kids have never been spanked, I have been known to threaten on occasion. My younger daughter seemed to take this to mean it is okay to hit people (which it is not in case you were wondering)."-- Anne Albanese, Small Town Mommy

    Read why taking away TV rights might be one of Anne's biggest discipline mistakes

  5. "He had pooped in the video store and there was a poop nugget on the floor next to his foot! I went up to the front desk and asked for paper towels because my son "needed to spit out his gum". Yeah, I lied. I was NOT about to tell them I needed to pick up a turd out of their floor!" - Heather Beckley, Homemade Mom

    See why Heather doesn't believe in sending any kid to their room for punishment

  6. "One day I was yelling at the boys about farting at the table while we eat dinner and just then I let out huge one myself...oops." - Holly Waligora, Holly's House

    See how Holly handles public tantrums that seem to last forever

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