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Sibling Pregnancy Announcements: The 6 Funniest Caught on Video

Watch these kids lose their cool over sibling pregnancy announcements.

Let's face it: Your children think the world revolves around them, so when you announce another baby is on the way, their world is going to be turned a little upside down. So if you're about to tell your kids that another one is one the way, watching these videos of kids reacting to sibling pregnancy announcements will get you giggling.

"Very young children don't have a big understanding of the issue," says Dr. Stan Spinner, chief medical officer of Texas Children's Pediatrics in Houston. "With older children, who are more emotional, you have to be careful because it can be difficult for them to deal with."

While extreme reactions to sibling pregnancy announcements can be fun to watch, Spinner says it's all about how parents set the stage. He says it's important to make the pregnancy announcement a very positive, fun and family-centered event.

"Some children might take [the announcement] as a threat," he says. "They might fear they won't be loved or won't be given attention they've come to depend on. It's important the parents let them know they will be a very valuable part of the team."

Whatever method you use to announce your new baby, make sure you have the camera rolling. You may catch something as funny as these six sibling pregnancy announcements.

This Makes No Sense
You don't know what it's like to be scolded by a child until you watch this video. Big brother is not happy about his mom's pregnancy announcement. In fact, he thinks she's quite irresponsible for having another baby!

What Does That Mean?
In this one, the mom provides individualized cookie cakes with "big sister" messages on them. You can tell these girls will be the best babysitters ever. They get excited about everything from the announcement to the ultrasound photo. The most important question is, however, are they going to eat the cookies?

I Want a Boy!
This little girl knew her mom was pregnant but the announcement that she'll have another sister is far too much for her to handle. She really wanted a "baby bwader."

It's a Mouse
Here is a girl so excited her mom is pregnant that she can't decide whether she wants a baby brother or baby sister more. She's "proud" of her mommy for making that baby -- even though she thinks it looks like a mouse. Her name choices of Hot Dog and Table are also quite unique.

It's going to come out soon!
This little girl turns into a jumping bean when she finds out she's going to be a big sister. She's gracious enough to tell her parents it's OK if the baby is a boy.

I'm going to be a baby...
These kids can hardly contain their excitement at the idea of another baby in the house. Big sis has "been wanting this" for so long. She can't stop thanking her mom for giving them another baby.

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How did you announce your pregnancy or baby's gender to your older children and how did they take it? Let us know in the comments!

Bayan Raji is a freelance writer and mother of two.

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