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7 Ways Every Mom Rushes Babyhood

Kit Arbuckle
Dec. 7, 2015

Even though you want your baby to stay little forever, you often still feel the urge to race through the first year. Here are 7 ways you might be rushing through babyhood.

Do you remember your baby shower? Your mommy friends probably wrote you a zillion little notes that read something along the lines of, "Savor every moment." Sure, you understood where they were coming from, but sometimes it can be difficult not to get excited for the next stage in your child's life. You're not the only one who rushes babyhood!

The been-there-done-that mommy brigade is telling you to slow down because each and every one wishes that she had more of that baby time.

Here are seven common ways that moms tend to rush the baby years along:

  1. Mama Maker
    With each and every gurgle, babble and coo, you listen for the all-important "Mama." Fingers crossed, you anxiously await the day that your baby will finally utter this magic word. But then, when he actually does get the hang of it, you may begin to feel differently. If you fast forward to the next year, you'll find a toddler who says "Mama" a record-breaking number of times a day.
  2. Cute Crawler
    You put a long line of toys way, way, way out in front of your baby with the hopes that she'll break free and crawl to get them. Sure, she might only be six months old, but who says she isn't physically gifted enough to crawl now? You coax, you model and you plead until one day she finally goes from immobile to a genuine crawler. But, wait! Now that she's up and off to the races, so are you -- there's no more sitting with a baby on all fours.
  3. Winning Walker
    Crawl? He's an old pro. Your new push is to win the "first steps before the first birthday" race with all your other mommy friends. Weary from hearing, "Has he tried walking yet?" a million times, you can't wait for those fab first steps. When it finally does happen, your Facebook page is filled with congratulatory messages. But then, Aunt Ethel calls and warns that now you're really in for a workout. And she's right! Your now-toddler won't stop walking and neither can you (as you chase her around the house, across the mall and everywhere else).
  4. Potty Trainer
    Sure, you want to be "that mom" who successfully discovered a three-day potty-training technique or dazzled with a pre-toddler method. Who could blame you? No one likes changing diapers, but the push to the potty isn't likely to happen. And you'll miss these days when you've got a sulky teenager begging for a $200 pair of jeans.
  5. Playdate Pals
    "Awww! Look at how well Jack and Janey play together. I can't wait until my little guy has a best friend too." Has a similar thought ever crossed your mind? If so, you've probably taken your child to baby gym and baby swim classes in the hopes that he'll make fast friends with another 10-month-old. But, despite your best efforts, he's way more interested in peeling the fuzzies off of a towel than hanging out with another baby. Don't worry! Your child will eventually grow up, make friends and think that they're ridiculously cooler than you are.
  6. Solid Slap-Down
    Whether you breastfeed or use the bottle, you just can't wait for your precious princess to start chowing down on real foods. That kids' menu at your favorite eatery looks delish, and you want your little one to go from liquids to mac-and-cheese bites and veggie-pizza boats. That is, until you have the pickiest preschooler on the block. When your 4-year-old snubs spinach and clenches her teeth when anything resembling chicken gets near her plate, you'll be begging for those happy liquid days.
  7. Big Boy Bed
    If you never spend another night worrying that your now-mobile baby will wake up and use knotted sheets to bust out of his crib, that will be just fine. So you spend hours poring over race-car beds, and once you pick out the one that's just right, you get giddy over the new sleeping arrangement. That is, until you realize that the new sleeping "arrangement" is your tot crawling into bed with you every night.

Check out Mom's Favorite Baby Milestones to see which moments moms treasured. Did you rush your child's babyhood? Tell us how in the comments below!

Erica Loop is a mom, educator and parenting writer, with an M.S. in child development. When she's not teaching, she's busy creating kids' activities for her blog, Mini Monets and Mommies.

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