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Summer Survival Tips from Moms

Morgan Burke
June 8, 2017

8 mothers share tips on what to do when school gets out.



It's a familiar scene: the final class bell rings on a warm June day. The school doors burst open and children fly out, brimming with excitement, giddy with freedom, and nothing but long, lazy hot days ahead of them. Parents stand frozen at their vehicles... is it 77 days until the first day of school? Or 76?

We start planning for summer in the dead of winter to avoid scenarios like the one above. Anxious about how to fill the void that school left behind? You're not alone. We asked some of our favorite bloggers about how they survive the summer with their vivacious, energetic children, and all of them had something to share. So when it comes to summer with your kids, have no fear -- your survival guide is here!

Tips from our Bloggers for Surviving the Summer:

1. Forget about time. "Don't watch the clock as much, let the small things go, and know that it's okay to use the heat as an excuse to have ice cream for dinner." -- Shell, Things I Can't Say

Read about the other changes Shell and her family make when they switch into summer mode

2. It's okay to have a lazy day. "Downtime is KING for kids. They need it. Crave it. Gotta have it. And it's okay if they're sitting around, being lazy and just enjoying that downtime." --Denene Millner, My Brown Baby

See what Denene does with her kids' precious downtime here

3. Make sure there's a place for you on your family vacation. "When you plan your trip, plan it for everyone. Ask the kids where they'd like to go. Also, we always have a separated adult and child's room. It's just not a vacation if there's a kid in my room." -- Jessica Gottlieb, Jessica Gottlieb, a Los Angeles Mom

In addition to great travel tips, Jessica tells us why summer boredom can be a good thing

4. Throw the day planner out the window. "Don't over schedule your kids. Summer is supposed to be about unstructured play, running through sprinklers and eating snow cones. Don't be afraid to just let children play; their imaginations will keep them busy." --Kelcey Kintner, The Mama Bird Diaries

Read how Mama Bird Kelcey maximizes joy and minimizes whining in the summer

5. Soak up your kid moments. "Let your kids be kids, and don't be afraid to take a day here and there to do absolutely nothing. One day you'll be wishing for those days with your kids when you couldn't come up with anything better to do than sit around the house, cuddle, and be in the moment." -- Mary Fischer, The Mommyologist

See how Mary let her kid be a kid -- even if it meant making her biggest summer mistake

6. Invent a game for the whole family. "We have a game that we play in the summer. We take long walks and hunt for fairies and gnomes. Anything can be a clue, pretty string hanging from a tree, funny gnarls or windows in the bark, mushrooms, paint on the grass. I've even hidden fairy things for them to find." -- Stacey Conner, Is There Any Mommy Out There?

See more fun ideas and why expensive coffee gets Stacey through the summer

7. Use protection. "Put sunscreen on your kids, and that includes the one you married!" - Amanda Rodriguez, Parenting By Dummies

Read how Amanda braves the heat of summer with one go-to activity here

8. Strike a balance. "Don't over schedule yourself or your kids. Some of my best memories of summer were just enjoying those lazy days -- a Popsicle on the front steps, a picnic at the lake, playing hide and go seek with my neighbors." - Tracy Morrison, Sellabit Mum

Find out how Tracy dodges those inevitable "I'm bored" moments

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