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5 Savvy Summer Tips

Moms share their summer-ready tips as part of the Care.com Interview Series.



Being savvy in the summer is a must if you don't want to spend those gorgeous sunny days at the store searching for the perfect snack, or worse, with bored kids. From road trips to last-minute picnics, you need to ready for anything when there are kids on board. We talked to five moms who shared their best savvy summer tips to make this summer more fun for them - and you!

1. Make Healthy Picnic Favorites

"We've done homemade fruit roll-ups without sugar and granola bars -- and plan to tackle a certain fish-shaped cracker this summer." -Charity Curley Mathews, Foodlets

See the adorable way Mathews stays picnic-ready

2. Keep 'em Guessing

"While traveling, keep a "prize bag" that they can choose from either on a timed basis (every hour) or as they make good choices." - Allison Waken, All for the Boys

See the 6 things Waken does to prep for long trips with her kids

3. Go DIY-Teacher

"I keep a file of science experiments and art projects that I can assign to the kids if they get bored. Favorites have been anything involving dry ice, homemade ant farms, and worm farms." - Katie,Wellness Mama

Read how Katie saves money on summer products

4. Pack Refreshing Foods

"I always have homemade popsicles on hand. I use seasonal fruits and sweeten them with natural sweeteners like honey or agave." - Najwa Kronfel, Delicious Shots

Find out what other homemade treats are favorites in Kronfel's household

5. Go Exploring!

"They don't even realize that they're learning so much with all of that nature exploration, digging and building, and imaginative play." - Krissy Sherman Bonning, B-Inspired Mama

Read Bonning's 5 tips to natural summer learning activities

What's your best tip for keeping kids engaged or staying prepared for the summer?

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