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6 Ways to Make the Most of a Summer Sitter

Stephanie St. Martin
April 3, 2017

Here are six big ways that hiring a nanny or babysitter can make your life easier this summer.

School is out and the days are longer, so whether you're home with the kids or working from an office, these gorgeous days beg for extra helping hands -- whether it's to wear them out, get them school-ready or challenge them in their favorite interests.

(This is an especially good idea if your child is still too young to go to summer camps.)

Here are six ways to make the most of having a summer babysitter or nanny.

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1) A Coach

Chasing after every fly ball in the yard can get exhausting for us parent-types. But, if you find a sitter who loves a particular sport almost as much your child does, then the constant practicing won't seem like work to them.

Look for a sitter who shares similar interests with your child and will enjoy the activity as much as they do.

2) A Tutor

Just like you sneak extra veggies onto their plate, having a sitter that can "sneak" a math problem or two can be a fantastic summer resource. Babysitters who double as tutors can also be hired to spend 1 to 2 hours a week, focusing primarily on school prep.

Look for someone whom your child might consider "cool" and can show him that his hardest subject can be "popular" too.

3) A Second Set of Hands

Summer according to Moms: Tons of activities and numerous kids.

Two extra hands is all it takes for the chaos to become, well, less chaotic. A summer activity chauffeur, an errand-runner, a stay-home-with-a-sleeping-kid sitter or just someone who can match your kids' energy at 3 pm on a long, hot day of summer! Even help with a beach outing could be worth every penny.

4) A Role Model

A majority of summer sitters are college students, who are great role models for your kids. Suddenly, going to school and doing homework doesn't seem so bad because your children now want to be just like their awesome sitter. So, now your date night can double as a "school is cool" public service announcement.

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5) A Camp-Like Experience

Gather some families and hire a sitter who can plan and host a few hours of summer fun for your kids throughout the week. Look for a teacher on summer vacation or college-age sitter majoring in education in order to ensure that they have familiarity with planning a curriculum. Also consider a person's creativity and extra-curricular interests to tap into their experience and interests.

Or see if your sitter and kids can band together with other nearby families and form a nanny camp.

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6) A Break (for You!)

Whether it's an appointment to get your hair cut, go to the gym or eat a sandwich in peace and quiet, a part-time babysitter can provide some well-deserved alone time. Take a break and enjoy some summer fun of your own. And if you want to rekindle that summer romance, invite your spouse to tag along.

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