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Care.com Interview Series: Secrets to Back to School Success

Morgan Burke
May 26, 2012

5 tips to get organized and prepped for the first day.

Some of us count down the days until that first bell rings; some of us long for a few extra days of summer. Whatever your approach to the first day of school, don't let it catch you off guard. We've all heard the horror stories: sold out supplies, missed busses, anxious kids, frantic mornings. Care.com asked five of our favorite mom bloggers to share their secrets for creating a smoother transition for their kids. Get a crash course in back-to-school organization for smooth sailing once September rolls around!

5 Secrets to Back to School Success:

1. Do it the old-fashioned way. "I keep folders on the kitchen counter labeled with each child's name for important papers from school and a magnet on the fridge with each kid's name on it to hang up letters from the teacher, reminders, invitations, etc. These two tricks have helped keep me from missing some important deadlines." -- Michelle Wolfson, Mommy Confessions

Check out Michelle's old-fashioned tricks to staying organized for going back to school in the digital age

2. Keep the new supplies out of reach. "Double-check that you have everything and pack it in the book bag when you buy them. Then put the bag up high, or you might have children like mine who get into their book bags and start using their supplies." -- Heather Ayala, Not Everyone's Mama

Check out Heather's other useful tricks to help her prep for the first day

3. Set up electronic reminders. "Use an electronic calendar with active alerts. I alert myself to everything, from time to wake up, to dates of projects. I even put in when I need to bake something for a school function so I can stop what I'm doing and get it done." -- Amanda Rodriguez, Parenting By Dummies

Read how Amanda's iPhone factors into her smooth back-to-school transitions

4. Keep bedtime consistent. "We are sticklers for bedtime, even when the sun is out so early bedtime is no big deal. We tell the boys, you go to bed based on the clock, not the sun." -- Ilina Ewen, Dirt and Noise

See how Ilina's "Summer Adventure List" gets her kids ready for the new school year

5. When in doubt, carpool. "All of our kids are active in sports, clubs and volunteer work. Carpools with other parents are really the saving grace of surviving after school activities." -- Kelly Pugliano, Mom Got Blog

See how Kelly keeps her cool with difficult teachers

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