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School Pick-Ups: 4 Things You Need to Do Before Your Babysitter or Nanny Takes Over

Tiffany Smith
Dec. 12, 2017

Here's how to coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs with your babysitter or nanny, your child, and their school.

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In a world where children are snatched from playgrounds, it's important to make sure your babysitter or nanny follows the rules when picking up your child from school.

  1. Register Your Babysitter or Nanny With the School
    Almost all schools today require you to register anyone who is picking up your child; this might also include relatives. To find out what the procedure at your child's school is, visit the administrative offices and ask for the proper paperwork.

  2. Practice the Routine With Your Sitter or Nanny
    Don't let your babysitter pick up your child on her own until you've gone through the routine with her a few times. Prepare her for any possible changes in the routine and how to handle them.

  3. Introduce Her to Your Child's Teachers and Bus Driver
    It's important for them to be familiar with each other. Sometimes important information is exchanged during these transfers, and you need to remind the sitter to be sure to pass this information on to you.

  4. Speak With Your Child About Not Going Home With Strangers, No Matter What
    In case of an emergency, and your sitter does not show up, prepare your child with Plan B. Part of this is to know to never leave school with a stranger.

Don't ask your sitter or nanny to pick your child up from school until you've spoken with school officials and familiarized her with your routine. Once your child and his teachers are familiar with your sitter or nanny, she should have no problem picking him up from school.


Tiffany Smith has written for All You, Time for Kids and the Boston Globe. And as a former babysitter, she knows a lot about fun games to play with kids. Follow her on Twitter at @tiffanyiswrite

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