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Hiring Guides for All Types of Care

Katie Bugbee
Feb. 26, 2018

Get tips on finding the care you need with these helpful guides.

The hiring process is no joke. Whether it's finding someone to look after your aging loved one full time or taking your canine companion for a walk, there are many things to consider when you're welcoming a new person into your home. Your care provider should not only understand the family dynamic but also be someone you can trust.

The needs for each family are different. Depending on the care you're in search of, refer to these guides to help you through the process.

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Child Care:  Hiring a nanny or a babysitter is a big decision, and you want the best person for the job. Here are some guides to help you through the process.

Special Needs:  Navigating child care options can be overwhelming for any family, and additional consideration must be given when deciding on care for a child with special needs

Senior Care:  Whether it's your mom or dad needing a helping hand, your sister recovering from breast cancer, your spouse showing signs of dementia or your grandmother who recently broke her hip, you realize that you are now a caregiver. And you have a million questions. Where do you start? Right here.

Pet Care:  Most pet owners have to deal with the reality of pet care as soon as they come home with their new furry friend. So for you newbies or struggling "sophomore" pet owners, here are some of the more popular pet care options and what you can expect.

Tutoring:  When you're starting to look for a tutor, the first decision will be what kind of tutoring service works best for your child. Here are the most common options and some of their strengths.

Housekeeping:  As homeowners (or renters), parents, professionals, and pet owners, we all have plenty to do, without having to clean house. The addition of a housekeeping service that's reliable and consistent may be exactly what you need to relieve the stress associated with keeping your home functioning, organized, and running smoothly. 

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