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The Family and Caregiver Laws and Policies You Need to Know

Avra S.
May 10, 2017

From maternity leave and sick leave, to tax breaks and pending legislation, here is all the info you need if you are a family -- or employ a caregiver.

Changing laws. Government jargon. Reforms and new regulations. It can be hard to navigate all the rules and policies that affect your family and/or your caregiver.

Plus, you have all these questions swirling around your head: What are the newest maternity leave laws? Who gets paid sick days? Does immigration reform affect our family? Am I getting all the care-related tax breaks I'm entitled to? How can I be a "fair employer"? And what are the legal rights of domestic workers? 

The following pieces should cover the latest policies that answer all these care-focused law questions you have.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

The Latest on Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave 

What is the FAMILY Act?

Pregnant and Working or Interviewing? The Pregnancy Discrimination Laws You Need to Know

What is the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act?

The Legal Rights of Nursing Mothers

Sick Leave

The Latest on Paid Sick Days

What Is a Sick Leave Policy for a Nanny?

All About the Healthy Families Act (PDF)

Child Care Tax Breaks and Government Programs

The Child Care Tax Credit

How to Use the Child Care Tax Credit for Nannies

How to Apply an FSA Toward Child Care

New Ideas to Make Child Care More Affordable

Senior Care Tax Breaks and Government Programs

Medical Tax Breaks

Medicare and Medicaid: What Are They and How Can They Help Me?

Veterans Benefit and Elder Care Costs

Search Senior Benefits by State

5 Things You Need to Know About Aging in America

The Affordable Care Act

Am I Responsible for My Caregivers Health Insurance?

What Caregivers Need to Know about ObamaCare

Top Ways the Affordable Care Act Impacts Women and Families

Immigration Reform

The State of President Obamas Executive Action

Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

Know the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

Learn how to be a Fair Care Employer

Take the Fair Care Pledge

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