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The Twitter Accounts Nannies and Caregivers Should Follow

Tiffany Smith
June 27, 2018

Stay inspired and informed by following these Twitter accounts!

Did you know that #nannylife is a popular hashtag on Twitter? That's right, nannies and child care providers are taking over social media! 

Do you use Twitter? It's a great way for connecting with fellow nannies, sharing information and getting inspiration. You can also connect your Twitter account with your Care.com profile (go to Accounts and Settings), providing further assurance to families that you are who you say you are.

Here's a helpful sampling of some of the Twitter accounts you should be following:

  • @Caredotcom
    We had to start off with a little self-promotion! From child care news to job advice to creative activities, Care.com's Twitter account helps you make the most of your time caring for kids.
  • @IntlNannyAssoc
    The International Nanny Association provides guidance, education and information to nannies and caregivers. Check out “Monday Mentor,” where veteran nannies answer your questions.
  • @bloggingnannies
    Take advantage of the lessons these nannies (who run the popular Regarding Nannies website) have learned, like how to boost your income or budget your money between gigs.
  • @RedCross
    The Red Cross provides tips and helpful reminders for keeping you and the kids you care for safe.
  • @careacademyco
    The Care Academy, based in Boston, tweets great tips for caring for kids and learning how to be a great caregiver. 
  • @myHomePay
    Should you be getting a 1099 or a W2? HomePay, Care.com's payroll, tax and HR service, helps you stay up-to-date on policies that can affect your income.
  • @healthychildren and @AmerAcadPeds
    The American Academy of Pediatrics tweets tons of tips on taking care of kids, including ideas on how to get them to do their chores.
  • @TheNAPPS
    The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters offers business and pet care advice for animal lovers.
  • @TheNannyDoctor
    Lindsay Heller works with families and caregivers to create strong relationships -- and she shares her tips on her Twitter.
  • @EmilyPostInst
    Show off your etiquette skills to your boss or potential employers by following the advice from this well-known organization.
  • @parentsmagazine
    From delicious recipes to how to teach kids important life lessons, Parents Magazine’s Twitter is an amazing resource for nannies and caregivers.
  • @TammyGoldCoach
    Check out Tammy Gold's feed for information about caring for kids and being a great nanny. 
  • @USAChildCare
    Stay informed about the child care industry and new policies that could affect your job with Child Care Aware of America.
  • @NAEYC
    The National Association for the Education of Young Children not only provides fun activity ideas, but also insight into the way children think and operate, so you can understand them better.
  • @Pinterest
    You might already be checking Pinterest for inspiration for fun activities or easy dinner recipes. @Pinterest gives you the same quality stuff, but in 140 characters or less!
  • @NannyMagazine
    Nanny Magazine is a magazine for nannies, written by nannies. They're always asking questions, so join in on conversations and forge new connections with other nannies!
  • @Twiniversity
    Do you care for twins? Follow this popular community for everything you need to know about multiples.
  • @CleanInstitute
    Learn more about cleaning products by following the account from the industry organization, the American Cleaning Institute.
  • @AARP
    Senior care is a growing industry as baby boomers are aging. Follow this organization for interesting tidbits.
  • @NCOAging
    The National Council on Aging also helps people understand the challenges of getting older.
  • @kidshealth
    Kids Health touches on everything from household appliance recalls to studies on teen behavior, so you can always be prepared and informed.
  • @healthy_child
    Looking to keep your kids toxin-free or nannying for parents who are? This nonprofit gives insight into what everyday items can be harmful to children and their safer alternatives.
  • @ASPCA
    Are you a pet lover or pet caregiver? Make sure you follow this non-profit for lots of helpful pet-centric tips.
  • @akcdoglovers
    More of a dog person? Follow this account from the American Kennel Club.
  • @childrenssafety
    Children’s Safety Network is a resource center for the prevention of childhood injuries, and they tweet helpful tips to keep kids safe.
  • @BeTheBestNanny
    Stephanie Felzenberg has been sending out a newsletter aimed at nannies for over a decade now. Check out her account to see questions from both nannies and parents.
  • @NAPOnatl
    Are you a professional organizer or just want to learn how to sort through your clutter? Get advice from the National Association of Professional Organizers.
  • @iGameMom
    It’s never too early to get kids learning through technology. iGameMom has great ideas about apps that are fun and educational for kids.
  • @domesticworkers
    The National Domestic Workers Alliance tweets information about its efforts to improve working conditions for caregivers. 
  • @aijenpoo
    Ai-jen Poo is the director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and shares information about the industry.
  • @LoveThatMax
    Do you care for a child with special needs? There are tons of amazing special needs bloggers out there. Ellen Seidman's insightful tweets have won her a large Twitter following.
  • @greenyourclean
    Want to learn more about using green cleaning products and methods? Leslie Reichert is a cleaning expert who can help.
  • @NotJustAMommy
    From crafting to decorating, NotJustAMommy is the account to check out when you’re planning a kid’s birthday party.
  • @nannypalooza
    Sue Downey is the founder of the popular nanny conference Nannypalooza and shares great information for nannies, including #thankananny Friday.
  • @DCNanny
    Nanny veteran Kellie Geres shares lots of great info that you should know.
  • @Quibly
    The kids you take care of may already be using social media and other digital platforms. Quibly gives tips on how to keep kids safe in this digital world.
  • @ScaryMommy
    This popular parenting blogger will make you LOL with her realistic take on kids.
  • @eatright
    Looking for ideas for healthy meals and snacks? Want to show off your nutrition smarts to employers? Turn to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • @NorlandCollege
    Follow the account of this famous British nanny school for helpful career advice. Or its American counterparts: @nannygoverness and @Nannyschool.
  • @martaperrone
    Interested in becoming a household manager? Follow Marta for advice on running a home.
  • @NannyProbss
    An irreverent take on the life of a nanny from a self-proclaimed stubborn Italian nanny.
  • @NWS
    Keep tabs on the National Weather Service, so you know if there will be problems getting work and what types of activities you should be doing with kids or pets.
  • @4kidsactivities
    Are your kids sick of playing the same games over and over again? The Kids Activities Blog posts activity ideas multiple times a day, so head here to get out of your activity rut.
  • @nafcc
    If you care for kids in your home, follow the National Association for Family Child Care to get info just for you.
  • @ToddlerApproved
    Nannying for a toddler? @ToddlerApproved is all about fun, creative activities for kids under two!
  • @TMmeditation
    And because caring for others is not an easy job, sometimes you need a moment to yourself to relax.
  • @BuzzFeedAnimals
    Or just turn to this feed for adorable animal pics.

Know of any other helpful Twitter accounts for people in the care industry? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

Tiffany Smith is the director of content and publicity at William Woods University. She has written for All You, Time for Kids and the Boston Globe. And, as a former babysitter, she knows a lot about fun games to play with kids. Getting them to eat their veggies -- that’s a different story! Follow her on Twitter at @tiffanyiswrite

Jan. 27, 2016

It's wonderful to know that there are people like you who help each other and knew so many nice and honest people who care for our children

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