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Would You Hire a Young Nanny?

I like young nannies.  I like old nannies and middle aged nannies too. I should, one of Care.com's services is nanny-finding, right?!

But I recently had a friend tell me she wouldn’t hire a college kid to nanny for her family. "They're not mature, yet" she said. That startled me – do more parents feel this way?

I guess I understand. My mom had that theory when she was advising me on my first nanny (before I started Care.com). She was "old school" and gave the motherly advice of looking for someone who had raised a family already. I was a young mom myself, and she felt I could learn from someone with this experience.

We've had a variety of experiences in caregivers for our boys – an experienced, older mom, a "manny,"  an au pair and numerous college–age "date night" babysitters and vacation sitters. When hiring a nanny, does age matter to you? 

One colleague here said she prefers youthful nannies. Her first nanny was in her 50s and was always planning low-key activities. She felt her kids were bored. But her new nanny is in her late-20s and can keep up with her very active 4 and 2 year-old kids.

Another colleague said she prefers the young nannies with child development training, but has to carefully look for signs of maturity during the nanny interview process.

"You have to find the ones who are comfortable with themselves. The ones who won't be doing their hair or fixing their makeup while they could be playing with your kids," she explains.  She said she can usually tell if they’re a good fit by how they dress for their interview: big earrings equal a quick rejection.

Too harsh? Tell me, do you think age equals maturity when it comes to hiring a nanny? How did you decide your nanny was a right fit?

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