6 Babysitter Interview Tips from Moms

Marjorie Bogart
March 29, 2017

Real moms reveal their best advice for sitters looking to get hired, as part of the Care.com Interview Series.

Interviewing for a babysitting job can seem scary and intimidating. Whether you're worrying about what questions you'll be asked, what the parents will be like or if the kids will refuse to come near you, there's a lot to be nervous about when meeting a new family. But don't worry, we're here to help calm some of those nerves!

We got real-life mothers to give us the inside scoop on what they look for during an interview. Here's their advice for winning over families and getting the job.

  1. Check Your Scent
    Arriving clean and well groomed is a must for interviews. However, you might want to skip the excess perfume! Charlene Chronicles blogger Charlene DeLoach emphasizes the importance of controlling your scent: "As much as I might like you, I don't need to feel like you are still here several hours after you have left," she explains.

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  2. Stay Safe Behind the Wheel
    Hectic schedules often require babysitters to assist with driving kids. In addition to checking your car's safety, check your own as well. Momfluential blogger Ciaran Blumenfeld only considers sitters with, "a completely stellar driving record, and if they text me while driving to the interview and they're not passengers in the car? Interview over!"

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  3. Connect With the Kids
    It's easy to focus only on impressing the parents, but getting the kids to like you is just as important -- and sometimes even more difficult! Keely Flynn from Lollygag Blog suggests creating an authentic bond with the kids by,"asking them questions and really listening to their responses. There's a big difference between conversing with a child and at them simply for the benefit of the parents."

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  4. Manage the Chaos
    Every family has different house rules and every child has their own set of personal needs. Susan Wenner Jackson, from Working Moms Against Guilt, looks for a caregiver who can adapt to the craziness that comes up throughout the day. "I need a sitter who can roll with the punches."

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  5. Be Professional
    Interviewing babysitters is just one more thing parents have to fit into their busy schedules. Look up driving directions in advance and clear your calendar to make sure you get to the interview on time. Shraddha Patel of Chai Mommas once interviewed a candidate and, "she was about an hour or more late and never called/texted to let us know. [Showing] punctuality and communication are obviously not important [to her]."

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  6. Confidence Is Key
    Be proud of your experience and knowledge! It's your job to make parents feel comfortable trusting their kids with you, so don't hold back when it comes to showing off your skills. Trisha Haas of MomDot confirms that"people talking while looking down or giving me 'I don't know answers' can be scary."

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