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Why Are There Spam Jobs on Care.com?

Lauren Wolfson
May 30, 2017

The answer: It's not spam, it's the Job Wizard!



Have you been looking for a job on Care.com and noticing that some of the openings sound a little similar or generic? Don't worry, it's not spam!

Care.com has a Job Wizard to help families quickly create a job posting.

What Is the Job Wizard?
We know that some people are extremely busy and unfortunately don't have the time create a detailed description of what they're looking for. But they need care.

The majority of families still choose to write out their own job, but when they opt to use the Wizard, they can check off what responsibilities the job entails and any caregiver preferences (for example: people who have a car, enjoy reading to kids and planning outdoor activities). Then the job is created automatically.

Why Create a Job Wizard?
The Wizard is an efficient compromise. Families can still find the care they need and caregivers can still learn about jobs. We don't want you to lose out on any opportunities because families don't have time to write a full job posting.

What Do These Jobs Look Like?
How do you tell if the job you're reading was created with the Wizard? It'll look like all of the other manually written jobs, but say "Posted by Care.com Job Wizard" at the top of the page.

What Does the Wizard Mean for Caregivers?
From the perspective of a job seeker, we know this must seem frustrating. How can you create a unique and thoughtful response based off a generic job description?

When you're responding to an opening that is a little detail-lacking, read the criteria listed and talk about why you're a good fit for each of those points. As with any job, provide lots of interesting information and stories about your background as a nanny, babysitter or other caregiver. Ask the family questions if some things are unclear or unmentioned.

These postings still represent a chance for you to find a great job, with a great family, so make sure you apply!

User in Visalia, CA
Feb. 23, 2015

I no longer respond to jobs posted using the wizard. There are too many details being left out and it opens a potential position up for the \

User in Indiana, PA
Jan. 18, 2015

I agree the care seekers should have to have as detailed a profile as the care giver. It would not hurt for them to have the option of putting a background check on their profile. After all it is the internet and you never know what could happen.

The other nannies here said it all. The Job Wizard is not helpful. Being too busy to post a proper ad for a stranger to be left alone with your child is absurd. I used to spend A LOT of time responding to these ads and trying to get info from the parents to see if we might possibly be compatible, but not anymore. I don't want to work for someone that is that difficult to communicate with or that doesn't take hiring a caregiver seriously. I know some of the parents aren't thinking of how generic their job will end up sounding and just think \

May 28, 2014

I agree with Christy. I'm about to the point now of not trying to respond to \

User in Houston, TX
May 28, 2014

I find the job wizard to be a problem. So many postings have the same generic information and a lot of times the info is contradictory in the top portion compared to the body of the ad. Many times the initial portion of an ad will state full time and then in the body of the ad it states part time. This is frustrating and confusing and it seems like the parents don't know what they want. I usually don't trust those ads so I don't apply to them. Also, if the family has only one newborn they really don't need to state something about how they love to play games at their house. These things create redundancy between ads and they just seem to have been cut and pasted. If we should be specific in our responses to families they should be specific in their ads. Many times the ads are so short they don't give enough information about the job. How can they expect to hire the best person when they don't let us know what they are looking for? This is a good article, yet it concerns me that they have this job wizard. If you are looking for a care giver or pet sitter wouldn't you want to find the time to write an ad that gets the best responses and candidates? You are looking for someone to come into your house and take care of those people or pets you love. They deserve the best so why not take the time to write a detailed ad?

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