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What Is a Care.com Job Alert?

Lauren Wolfson
June 27, 2018

Got an email about new jobs on Care.com and not sure what it is or what to do next? Learn how job alerts benefit you.

A Care.com job alert is a message our caregivers receive, letting them know about brand new job opportunities. When families post openings onto Care.com, you'll be notified of the new opportunity through -- either email or text message.

These alerts are automatically set up when you create your profile. We want you to be up-to-date on all of the latest openings that fit your specialty, and the alerts help keep you informed.

They're sent out as soon as a family submits a job listing, which allows you to respond to these jobs quickly. Did you know that families are more likely to read and respond to the applications they receive first? When you get an alert, apply to the job as soon as you can to improve your chances of getting a job. Want to know more? Check out the 14 Ways to Get Families to Respond to You on Care.com 

As a benefit, premium members receive the notifications a few hours before basic members. Learn more about the 5 Reasons to Become a Care.com Premium Provider

If you notice a delay between when a family posts a job and when you receive the alert, don't worry. Depending on the time of day and your email or cell phone service provider, it can take a few hours to receive the update.

There are a few options for how you can receive these alerts. Email is the default setting, but you can also sign up for text messages. Go to your "My Care.com" page, select "My Profile & Settings" and update the information under "Text Message Alerts." To stop receiving the text alerts, you can also easily opt out by in the same spot. To stop getting the emails, scroll down to the "Privacy Settings and Preferences" section and update the information.

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