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Make the most of your Care.com profile to land a top job

Cari Wira Dineen
Aug. 14, 2019

Your profile is up and now you're waiting for some action. When you're looking for a child care job online, your profile is your first chance to make an impression—so make it count. If you're struggling to land your next care job, take control of your success by updating your Care.com profile.

"By just utilizing a few applications on Care.com, you can really build out your online personality, which is the best way for potential clients to see all the great things you can bring to them as a caregiver," says Martha Fan, Care.com's senior director of global operations.

Here, Fan offers some tips to help you make the most of your profile.

1. Beef up your info

Employers want to get to know you through your profile. "You've got to go beyond just saying 'I like kids' or 'I babysit for my niece'," says Fan. Be specific about your years of experience and how long you have worked in each position. "People like to see that you view babysitting as your profession," Fan adds. Be as detailed as possible in what your duties were and show that you have built loyalty with your past or current families. Also, be sure to review your profile regularly and update it as needed, especially your availability chart.

2. Say cheese

People want to see photos of who might be taking care of their kids or loved ones, says Fan. "It brings your profile to life and helps people feel like they know you already," says Fan. If you don't already have a photo on your profile, be sure to post one that gives a respectable representation of yourself.

3. Highlight your skills

Are you currently taking classes? Have you taught school in the past? Do you have a nursing degree? Be sure to make any training you have very clear in your profile; people like to see that you have skills and experiences that you can bring to the job. 

If you're not already CPR certified, consider looking into a certification course. "It's a basic skill that can really make you stand out from other candidates," says Fan.

4. Personalize your application

When you apply to a job posting, you have an option to send a message. Use it! Be sure to personalize the message for that particular job posting, so it doesn't feel like a mass mailing, suggests Fan.

5. Ask for reviews

Build up your reputation on Care.com by encouraging present and past employers to leave reviews of your services on your profile. You can also request past employers not on our site to leave a review through the link found in the Review section of your account. 

6. Promote yourself

An option called "Promote My Services" allows you to share your services with potential employers across all of your social networks. The option also gives you tips on how to put a link to your Care.com profile on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. "This tool lets you get the word out about your services without having to duplicate efforts," Fan says. And you can now connect to Care.com with Facebook. Your profile and job post will appear on Facebook, giving your more exposure. To find these options, go to the "Promote My Services" section of your account.

7. Run a background check

Even though a family can run a background check on Care.com, you can also run your own first. "It's just one more step that your potential employer doesn't have to do," says Fan. Being proactive and helpful from the start can go a long way in landing your next child care job.

8. Add additional profiles

Create profiles for not only nanny jobs, but housekeeping and tutoring as well. It's a great way to get different positions and capture the attention of more families on the site. It's easy to do and located under "My Profile and Settings."

9. Strive to reach CarePro status

On the "My Care.com Page," which you can get to by clicking “Home” in the top right corner, you will see your current caregiver status (Newcomer, Careforce or CarePro). In order to stand out more, we suggest you strive to reach CarePro status, and this page will show you what you need to do to accomplish that.     

10. Become a premium member

The main benefit of investing in a premium membership is being able to reach out to families before they reach out to the rest of Care.com. Members are also able to see who has viewed their account, and get listed higher in the search results.

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