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How to update your profile for back-to-school season

Lauren Wolfson
Aug. 6, 2019

Back-to-school season is just around the corner and families' schedules are about to get chaotic. Here at Care.com, we see huge increases in the number of jobs posted during summer and before school starts. Families are looking for after-school sitters and full-time caregivers, dog walkers for their pets, housecleaners to tidy their homes and more. But what does this mean for you? It's time to update your Care.com profile!

In our article "14 ways to get families to respond to you on Care.com," we mention the importance of being "seasonal." And that is very true. Updating your profile regularly is essential to getting a job.

Before the school year begins, dazzle families with an up-to-date, back-to-school profile that shows off how valuable you are. But what exactly should you add? Here are eight tips for sprucing up and showing off your school-time skills:

1. Update your availability

Check out the "Availability" section of your profile. Is it up to date for the new school year? Are you looking for a full-time job, or are you open to a part-time position too? Can you walk dogs while everyone's gone for the day? Can you help out a busy family early in the morning or in the afternoon? Nannies and babysitters with flexible schedules can let families know that they're available after school, before school and for backup care.

To update your availability, log into your account and visit the “Availability” section.

2. Highlight your certifications and education

During this time of year, everyone has back-to-school on the brain. If you're certified or have a degree in education, let families know. They'll be happy to hear that you specialized in education and can help teach their kids. If you're looking for a pet-sitting or dog-walking gig, mention any classes you've taken on how to train a dog or be a better pet sitter? Show them off in your profile.

If your time in the classroom is limited, sign up for one of these child care training courses and certifications.

3. Help with homework

When school starts up, families are always looking for caregivers or tutors who can lend a hand with their children's homework. If you have these strengths, share them in your profile — they'll catch the eye of any parent in need.

If you're a nanny or sitter — and even if you don't have a degree — talk about subjects you're particularly strong in, like math, English or Spanish, and any interesting tricks you've learned for helping kids with homework. Share any instances when you worked with a child to improve school grades. 

If you've had experience with tutoring or teaching, mention these skills as well.

4. Mention driving

Once school starts up again, so do after-school activities. Kids' schedules get very chaotic and parents often need a hand chauffeuring them around. If you have a great driving record or just passed a defensive driving class, mention it. 

5. Focus on extracurriculars

Parents are looking for a well-rounded caregiver someone who can not only help their children with their studies, but can also expose them to other activities and help them learn and grow in other ways.

In your profile, talk about other things you're interested in and why they're good for families. For example, if you worked at a summer camp, add a sentence about how you were in charge of the tennis activities and how you can't wait to play with your new charges. If you've taken courses in child development, mention this knowledge, too.

6. Discuss experience cleaning and organizing

If you're a housecleaner or an organizer, this is a great time of year to highlight these skills. Can you do a deep clean to get rid of summer grime or help a family get cluttered work spaces or clothing sorted out for back-to-school season? Talk about how you've performed these tasks for other families and how it helped them.

7. Talk about food

Do you know lots of great recipes for kids' school lunches, quick breakfasts or healthy after-school snacks? Talk about your favorites. Parents looking for a sitter will snap up someone who cares about nutrition and can help out with meal prep.

8. Ask for reviews

Families are likely more willing to reach out to you if you have references and reviews. When prospective employers see that your profile is full of positive reviews, you instantly move to the top of their list of caregivers to meet.

With back-to-school season approaching, ask any previous employers to provide reviews on your work and, specifically, your education and tutoring expertise. You could even ask a former teacher to comment on what a bright student you were and how you helped fellow students in the class.

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