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How to Search and Respond to Jobs on Care.com

Stephanie St. Martin
June 27, 2018

Use these tips to land a great job.

Throwing yourself into the job market can be overwhelming. Finding a caregiving job that ultimately suits you takes even more dedication on top of it. Care.com has many tools and resources to assist you throughout the process. How do you distinguish yourself among a sea of applicants? Member Care representative, Monica Carolan provides her insight on how you can navigate through the site to narrow down your search and carefully apply for the right position.

Searching for a Job
The easiest way to search for local babysitting jobs near you is to visit your My Town page on Care.com. Go to your Internet browser and type in http://www.care.com/ plus your zip code. For example, if you live in Boston, Massachusetts you would type in http://www.care.com/02114 . This lands you on the Care.com Boston Page. If there are babysitting jobs available, you will see a column on the right that reads "Babysitting and Nanny Jobs". Not all cities and towns always have babysitting jobs listed so you should check back regularly. You can also visit the Care.com Babysitting Jobs page to get started.

Another way to search for a job is to use Care.com's Tool Bar. On the top of every page you will see the Care.com "Tabs" labeled Children, Adults & Seniors, Pets, etc., and underneath that is a search bar. You can click on the little arrow to scroll down to "Child Care Job".  Once you select that, type in your zip code and select the number of miles you would like the job to be within.

One last tip to narrow it down: "When the job listings appear, sort by 'Job Post Date' to find the most recent jobs available near you," suggests Carolan.

Responding to Job Posts: The Do's and Dont's
Pay careful attention to the specifics listed in a job post and make sure your skills match what the family is looking for. If you meet the job requirements, you should reach out to the family. Here are some quick tips.

  • Don't send a generic response. "Hi, please call me" shouldn't be your response to a job post. Leaving out details shows that you didn't put much thought into something that should have more importance and it is likely you won't be considered for the position. As Carolan points out: "Even though a family already has access to viewing your profile, you still want to WOW them and give them a great first impression."  
  • Do spend time crafting a customized message. Most of us can easily spot a cut-and-pasted response. If you have your eyes on a certain job, put in the extra effort. "Applying to a job through Care.com should be similar to applying to any other job," says Carolan. "Rather than just replying to a job, you want to send a personalized message to each family explaining to them why you genuinely think you'd be a great match to their needs."
  • Don't Forget to Mention Your Skills. Giving a quick summary of what you are bringing to the table can help a family weed out other candidates who don't meet their needs.
  • Do Refer Back to the Job Ad. Be sure to mention a couple of the details that are in the job post. For example, if there is a family looking for a sitter for their active 5-year-old, say why you think you can keep up with his activity level.

It may take some time to find the gig you've been dreaming of, but when you do it will be even more rewarding knowing that you put your best foot forward in the process. 

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