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How to Get Reviews on Care.com

Lauren Wolfson
May 30, 2017

Add reviews to your profile and increase your chances of finding a great nanny, babysitter, tutor, housekeeper or other caregiver job.

When you're searching for a new job on Care.com, it's important to have a detailed and accurate profile. But what's one of the most important parts of the page? The reviews!

Caregivers with at least one review are six times more likely to be contacted by families!

Reviews appear next to your name in search results and at the bottom of your profile page. And one little review can make all the difference between getting a job and getting lost in a crowd of job seekers.

When families are looking through a list of potential caregivers, the ones with the reviews stand out. They give families an extra level of comfort and trust in your abilities and services. They also help develop your reputation as a professional and qualified caregiver. Learn more about Building Your Online Reputation.

So what do you need to know about reviews?

Who Can Write Reviews?

We recently expanded our review system here at Care.com. Now anyone can review you: both Care.com members (basic and premium) and non-members.

Current and former members simply have to sign in, go to the review section of your profile and submit a review.

Non-members can also write reviews for your services -- and they don't have to sign up to be a member or create a profile. They just submit a review on your profile page, then fill in only their name and email address -- which helps us keep track of the reviews.

What Types of Reviews Are Available?

There are now two review options and reviewers can do either one, or both:

  1. A quick user rating based on one to five stars (five being the best)
  2. A written review

How Can You Get Reviews?

If you're trying to get more reviews on your profile page, usually all you have to do is ask people. When you're in "My Review Center," you'll be able to copy a link to your profile that you can then share with any references from whom you'd like to request a review. You'll also have the option to request a review by email, which will allow you to send your references an email directly from your personal email address. And, if you're using the Care.com app, you have the ability to request reviews either by email or by text message.

Request that people write reviews of your skills and personality, and let them know that they don't have to be Care.com members to do so.

So, who should you ask to write a review?

  1. Current employers
  2. Previous employers
  3. Current and former coworkers
  4. People you interviewed with
  5. One or two family members and friends -- they're great for character reviews, but you don't want too many

Tip: Employers don't have to be from a caregiving job. Any former employer will do. Did you work for a camp or volunteer at an animal shelter? Ask someone to write about how great you are.

How Do Reviews Affect Caregivers?

They can help you get jobs! But also now that families can easily review nannies, babysitters and other caregivers on our site, you need to make sure you're acting professional at all times (we're sure that you always are!). Positive reviews will improve your ranking in search results, while negative ones will lower it.

For example, a common complaint we get from families is that caregivers don't show up for interviews or jobs. Now that you can easily be reviewed on qualities like your punctuality and dependability, make sure you're on time to appointments.

What Should You Do If You Get a Negative Review?

Although reviews are usually a great thing, negative reviews are tricky to handle. The only person who can remove a negative review from your profile is the person who posted it -- not you or even our member care team.

If you get a review you're less than pleased with, respond to it right on your profile. But the trick is to do so professionally and nicely. Answering back with a poorly worded rant that complains about the family or situation will only put off potential clients reading your page.

Instead, write a short comment that replies to the issues addressed in the review. For example, if a parent says you were late to a babysitting job, apologize, provide a good excuse, promise that it will never happen again and offer to make it up to the family. And make sure to spell check, write in full sentences and use proper grammar. Someone reading your well-crafted response may be impressed and overlook the negative comment.

Gathering reviews increases your chances of finding future jobs, as families look for recommendations about prospective caregivers. They're a great way to build an awesome Care.com profile.

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I have sent out requests for a review through both email and text. Two individuals have informed me they wrote a review, yet nothing shows in my profile. How long does it take after a response is made for the review to be seen?


User in Vista, CA
July 19, 2017


   Thank you so much, this helps so much. The improvements you have pointed out should help. I appreciate you info


Diane in Spencer, MA
June 2, 2017

My most recent past employer has a care.com account.  She has tried several times over the course of this week to add a review to my profile.  I recently I had an interview w/ another potential employer whom asked me if I could request reviews from my most recent past employer.  So I sent a review request 1st via text message & she couldn't get the page to load so a couple days later I sent a review request to the same person via e-mail.  She said she tried on several occasions but could not get the page to load. Just last evening she messaged me saying she was able to finally post a review on my account but every time I sign in to care.com & select reviews- My account still says that I do not have any reviews.  My employer said she got the message saying her review on my account was successful yet I'm unable to access or even see it.

What do I do?

User in Phoenix, AZ
Jan. 5, 2017

I'm a tutor and my boss recently gave me a 5 star review and marked as hired me, I even got the alert. I went to my profile and it still says that I have cared for 0 families and that I have 0 reviews. I thought it just hadn't updated yet but it has been 5 days. What do I do?

User in Macomb, MI
Sept. 27, 2016

I am struggling, what steps do I need to take to write interview?

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