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How to Create a Video for Your Care.com Profile

Tiffany Smith
June 27, 2018

The dos and don'ts of what to say and how to film it.

Your Care.com profile just got even better... you can now add a video!

We know you're not just a flat resume on a page, but it can be hard to convey your personality through words alone. This new option helps you shine beyond your work history and skills, and helps families figure out if you're a good fit.

Individual care providers can now either upload an edited video clip or record a new video using their smart phone and the Care.com app.

But this isn't like the quick clips you take of your dog doing tricks and post on Facebook. A good video can make the difference between getting a job and getting nothing. You need to plan and prepare before pressing record. Think of this as the first job interview.

So how do you get started? Here are helpful do's and don'ts to walk you through the process. And check out the sample videos in this article for inspiration.

Click here to upload your video now.


The Dos
Tips for getting Oscar-worthy results.

  1. Do Keep It Short
    Your video should be 30 seconds or less.
  2. Do Introduce Yourself
    Start the video by introducing yourself (first name only), as if it was an actual conversation. "Hi, my name is Emma" works great.
  3. Do Show Off
    Both the video and bio on your Care.com profile should describe your skills, experience and certifications. Think about how you can incorporate your personality and the ways you're different from other candidates. For example, why do you love caring for others?

    Apply these 8 Tips for Writing a Must-Read Profile.
  4. Do Prepare
    Use bullet points to map your speech and speak naturally, as if introducing yourself to a friend of a friend.
  5. Do Use Proper Language
    Your video should be professional and family-friendly -- avoid slang, too many "ums" and anything your grandmother would find offensive.
  6. Do Speak Slowly and Clearly
    Check the audio afterwards to make sure you're understandable and close enough to the camera that it records your voice and isn't muffled.
  7. Do Dress Simply
    Your outfit should be appropriate and professional. Bright, solid colors look great on camera. Avoid plain white or black, logos, tight clothing or busy patterns. Leave off accessories or keep them minimal -- nothing should be distracting. Here are more tips for how to dress
  8. Do Get Help
    Your video will look even better if you have someone help you film to minimize distractions and catch you in your best light! If you can't find someone, use a tripod or prop the phone or camera on a table at the right height.
  9. Do Pick the Right Background
    It should be clean and clutter-free, so we can focus on you. Stand at least four feet away from the background or wall for best filming results.
  10. Do Use Natural Light
    Fluorescent lights make you look yellow on camera, while natural light is bright and flattering. Stand in front of a window, but avoid direct sun.
  11. Do Film Close Up
    The final format of the video is square, so frame appropriately. Holding your camera the wide way and filling the screen with your head and shoulders typically looks best.
  12. Do Look Right at the Camera
    The camera should be at eye level, or slightly above, for the most flattering angle. And stare straight ahead, directly into the camera -- no one wants to see up your nose or down your shirt!
  13. Do Make an Actual Video
    This should be a real video of you talking, not a slideshow of photos set to music.
  14. Do Smile
    It's your best feature! 


The Don'ts
What not to do when creating a video profile.

  1. Don't Have Co-Stars
    The video should just be of you -- no other people, kids or pets.
  2. Don't Include Contact Information
    You shouldn't mention or add text with addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. Yours or anyone else's! That includes location information about where you live or work.
  3. Don't Mention Last Names
    Yours or other people's. First names only.
  4. Don't Memorize
    You want to sound confident and prepared, not scripted and awkward.
  5. Don't Be Afraid of Multiple Takes
    It may take a few times to get your video right -- don't rush.
  6. Don't Hide
    Your face should be clear, so we can see you. Avoid hats, sunglasses or hair blocking your face.
  7. Don't Mask Your Voice
    You shouldn't film in a big, hollow room with an echo or someplace with background noise or music -- we want to hear you clearly.
  8. Don't Add Filters
    Being creative is great, but save your creativity for your words -- not your video editing. Keep the video simple. No black and white, colored or other types of distracting filters. 


Tiffany Smith is the director of content and publicity at William Woods University. She has written for All You, Time for Kids and the Boston Globe. And, as a former babysitter, she knows a lot about fun games to play with kids. Getting them to eat their veggies -- that’s a different story! Follow her on Twitter at @tiffanyiswrite​​​​​​


I have made a new video and want to know how to change it out with the one that is there. Thanks Karima Gari

A great idea would be to after you have made your video post it on Facebook, before posting to care.com and ask your friends what they think. Ask would they hire you based on that video?

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