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8 Tips for Writing a Must-Read Care.com Profile

Kelly Johnston
June 27, 2018

Fill in the bio section of your Care.com profile with information that will land you a job.

The bio section of your profile on Care.com can be your biggest selling point -- or end up costing you a job. But when you sit down to fill it in, it's easy to get hit with a big case of writer's block.

Here are eight simple tips to help you through the process.

1) Start on the Right Foot

Families and companies looking for caregivers don't have a lot of time to spend reading through every detail of your profile. You have to sell yourself in a brief glance. This means that the first sentence is the key to avoid getting overlooked.

There could be dozens of applicants for one position. Make your opening catchy and interesting, so you draw the reader in and they want to learn more about you. It should sum up your abilities in one thought. Then the rest of the bio section can add more details.

For example, you could start by saying: "I have been a housekeeper for over 10 years" or "The last child I looked after called me the best babysitter he ever had!"

2) Talk About Successes

What better way to show how great you are then to give a quick example of one time you really shined. In a sentence or two mention how you once tutored a boy who was flunking math and, after you showed him new skills, became an A+ student. Or brag about how you worked to develop a nanny campwith your employer last summer.

“Marketing yourself is the name of the game. If you aren’t going to market yourself, who else will?” asks career expert Abby Kohut.

3) Say Why

It's great that you're creative and organized. Why should people care?

"Always picture an employer saying, 'Yeah, so what?'," suggests Anita Bruzzese, author "45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy." "They want to know that your experience or skills will directly help them in some way."

Mention you're creative, but say that you love coming up with new outdoor games for kids, like taking a penny walk.

4) Reflect Your Personality

“Your profile should be a reflection of your personality, as well as your skill-set,” says Kohut.

It's a representation of your job qualities and also you as a person. Are you bubbly and cheerful? Are you organized and disciplined? Allow your profile to be an introduction to your character. You want to find an employer who is a good fit.

5) Check Out the Competition

Look at the profiles of other caregivers in your area. If you were a family, who would you hire? Which ones have bios that stand out? Check out the bios of caregivers in other areas of the country for creative inspiration.

6) Set Yourself Apart

There may be 20 other babysitters in your area who say they're dependable, experienced and love kids. If families are scrolling through all of these profiles, why should they stop and look at you?

"Your profile should explain not what you do, but why you are the best at what you do," shares Kohut.

Delete descriptions that don't mean anything (like saying you're a 'people person' or 'energetic'). Focus on specifics about what makes you unique.

7) Be Brief

No, we're not saying write a sentence and call it a day. But people also don't have time to read an eight-paragraph profile. "A concise profile is much better than a rambling one," says Bruzzese.

Your profile should have at least two full sentences, but no more than 10. Maybe include a short introductory section, followed by a list of all the reasons you're a great caregiver.

8) Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

The last thing an employer wants to see is a misspelled word. It shows that you don't have an attention to detail. One wrong letter and your job offer could disappear. Proofread and look over your profile several times. Ask a friend or family member for their advice, too. Use this spelling and grammar checklist.

Take the time to perfect a profile that leaves a lasting impression, and you'll be well on your way to employment.

Kelly Johnston is a freelance writer living in D.C.

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