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6 Summer Jobs That Fit Your Schedule

Julia Quinn-Szcesuil
June 27, 2018

Summer jobs come in all shapes and sizes and it's easy to find one that fits your lifestyle. When New York City-based Meg Hagar thinks back on all her summer jobs, she loved working at the New York Renaissance Faire: "The work was fun and it didn't feel like 10 hours a day." And the convenient weekend-only job let her fit in retail work during the week.

Sometimes you can combine jobs to create the right mix. Dan Nainan, also from New York City, spent active summer days as a bike messenger and more sedentary nights as a telemarketer. Between the two roles, he got lots of exercise, challenges and cash and calls it "the best summer."

And summer is the perfect time to shake things up.

"It's a great opportunity to just get away, freshen your batteries, and do something different," says Alan De Back, author of "Get Hired in a Tough Market."

But where do you start? The right summer job offers money and satisfaction.

"We are all wired differently and wired to look at the world in a different way," says Tim Ragan, owner and performance engineer at Career Constructors.

If summer sun beckons you, seek an outside energetic job. If you want to be cool and comfortable, an office job may fit the bill. Have a busy schedule? Cobble together several different jobs to fit your needs.

Tip:  Looking for a summer child care job on Care.com? Let families know you're available  for care during the daytime summer months. The benefit: your profile will appear in search results when families are searching for "summer care", making it even easier for them to find you.

And if you score the job, here are 101 Fun Things to Do With Kids This Summer.

Here are six possible summer schedules, and fun jobs you could do to fill your free time and make some money.

1. If You Have the Whole Summer Free

If you're off from school for the summer or your job only runs during the school year (you lucky teachers!), you can find seasonal full-time work, like being a summer nanny and filling in for a regular sitter taking the summer off. Offer senior care services for families who need respite care relief during the summer. Local beaches, lakes and pool facilities need reliable lifeguards and swim instructors. Love to cook? Line up a job as a personal chef or offer picnics for boaters at the local docks.Lots of families go on vacation during the summer and leave pets behind. See if local kennels have job openings or offer your services as a pet sitter.

2. If You Have Random Weeks Off

Even a few weeks here and there during the summer can bring great job opportunities. Local companies might welcome your know how in areas like resume writing, team building or even yoga so call them up with a lunchtime workshop proposal. Camps often hire enthusiastic counselors to fill in when regular counselors need time off. If you're perpetually organized, clean out garages and offices or use your accounting background to straighten out the books for area small businesses. Reach out to nearby temp agencies to see if they have jobs openings the week you're free. Some agencies focus on specific professions or talents, so find one that fits your resume.

3. If You Have Mornings Free or Open Blocks During the Day

Are you an early riser? A lot of bakeries and farms get cracking when most people are still sleeping. Or you can walk dogs and check in on pets if you have a few hours during the middle of the day. If you have knowledge to share, summer tutoring jobs are plentiful and great for an hour or two during the week. If you equate summer with being outdoors, fill in as a park or city tour guide. Love shopping? Mystery shopping jobs bring in extra money and fit in conveniently with your schedule. Offer your computer skills to design web pages for local businesses in your free time.

Want more options? Check out The Best Part-Time Jobs for Moms

4. If You Have Summer Fridays

Plenty of companies give employees perks like summer Fridays (leaving early every Friday or getting all or some Fridays off completely). Use that time to make extra cash. Offer your housecleaning services cleaning vacation homes on Fridays, so everything is tidy for families' weekend arrivals. Run errands for a busy family or fill in for a business that is temporarily shorthanded. Check local theaters, stadiums and concert venues to see if they need ushers or food service workers during busy Friday shows.

5. If You Have Summer Nights Available

Restaurants and caterers always need night help, so summer wait staff and bartending jobs are plentiful and the tips add up. Love to drive? Livery companies need drivers (think tips!) for nighttime parties and even airport runs. Want to revel in summer fun? Amusement parks may need help for the crowds that often accompany the setting sun.

6. If You Have Free Time During Weekends at the Beach

Head to a touristy location like a beach, lake or mountain resort and brainstorm ways to make vacationers' lives easier. If you love working with kids, run a kids' craft class. Create a historical tour and pitch it to the Chamber of Commerce, or share your skills by offering a seminar on painting, woodworking or even journaling. And retail stores and hotels always need reliable weekend help.

And once you find that perfect opportunity, make sure you sell yourself the right way. To find a great summer job, you have to look remarkable, Ragan says. Do you think you'd be an ideal summer nanny because you successfully corralled a cabin full of 11-year-old campers last summer? Say that! Would your champion swimming skills make you an excellent lifeguard? Talk up your unique skills and soon enough you'll be spending the summer having a fun time and growing up your bank account.

For more ideas, try these 10 Last-Minute Summer Jobs.

Julia Quinn-Szcesuil is an award-winning freelance writer and a mom to two girls. She lives in Massachusetts and has written for local and national publications.


Thank God for Care.Com!  Wow wow wow wow!  Finally, I found the answers to my prayers.  Though I enjoy very much providing care working up to 98 hours a week; I also want to enjoy my life and take a break working 3-to 4 days a week when I want to and with FREE week-ends.   I did not think it was possible to control my work schedule.  It was very painful to me that I was not able to spend time with my mother before she passed because of a very hectic schedule I have.  I missed all the family gathering on holidays, birthdays specially prayer meetings on Saturday morning and church services on Sundays which is very important to me.   I made a prayer request among the prayer warriors which my son is a pastor of a church group and called my brothers who are pastors and couple of bishops from another country to include my special request of freeing my weekends.  Every Saturday prayer meetings about three months ago all the prayer warriors prayed from all over the whole world joining us here in the USA that God will make a way for me and free my weekends.  Then a month ago, I made another prayer request that I just want to work 36 hours to 40 hours not 98 hours a week and free my weekends.  I do love the children and the family I providing care but right now I do need a different schedule to fit my lifestyle!  I am overflowing so much with joy that I will have the opportunity to work and be able to control my schedule.  I am very positive that God heard my heart's desire and the prayers made to God by the prayer warriors which I am one of them.  Just recently I heard about this program offered by Care.com I was in so much tears of joy because only Care.Com and I mean only CARE.COM is the very first company ever who made it so possible for every job seekers to work 2 to 3 full time days to 5 days a week with weekends off or work sometimes on weekends if it fits my personal schedule and free my holidays but not 86 to 98 hours week after week where I neglect very important people (my family) in my life.  Thank God Care.com is truly a very caring company filled with very caring team members and especially the CEO and owner of Care.com who has the final say to create such an amazing program where in the future I can control my work schedule and fits my lifestyle!  I can announce the whole world Care.com is the best!  Written by: Victoriana from Massachustts

June 17, 2014

Hello, I am a person interested in working with a family. I appreciate an opportunity to work as a nanny. I am currently searching for summer work. Please view my current files with Care.com and grant me this chance to work first with your family. Thanks so much. Mrs. Tonya Cartwright

June 9, 2014

Hi I like to be around kids and babies,I love to play ho to the park,I have help my family members with their kids when they was babies when I was 14 I started babysitting more.I would like to get money so I can do things I want.

May 17, 2014

I am not totally free I work for a single parent I'm off Tue & Wed and weekends but my shift don't start until 3pm so I'm avail., through the morning until 2pm I can do transportation and Dr appointments and some date nights feel free to contact me I look forward too servicing you all for the Summer taking care of Kids is what I love too do Ms. Green

April 27, 2014

Hi: I like playing and having fun with kid. I love outdoors like swimming, bike riding, etc hope I can get a summer job

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