25 summer jobs to fit every schedule

April 14, 2021

Summer jobs come in all shapes and sizes  it's just a matter of finding one that fits your unique lifestyle. When New York City-based Meg Hagar thinks back on all her summer jobs, she remembers loving her job at the New York Renaissance Faire: "The work was fun and it didn't feel like 10 hours a day." And the convenient weekend-only position let her fit in retail work during the week.

But what's the right summer job for you? Well, if warm sunny weather beckons you, seek an energetic job outdoors. If you want to be cool and comfortable, an office job may fit the bill. Have a busy schedule? Cobble together several different smaller gigs to create the right mix.

Dan Nainan, also from New York City, spent active summer days as a bike messenger and more sedentary nights as a telemarketer. Between the two roles, he got lots of exercise, challenges and cash and calls it "the best summer."

Ideally, the right summer job will offer you both money and satisfaction. Here, we consider several summer schedules and propose 25 awesome summer jobs that you can do to fill your free time and make some cash.

If you have the whole summer free ... 

If you're a student off for the summer or your regular job only runs during the school year, you can look for seasonal full-time work, like:

1. Summer nanny. Become a summer nanny or fill in for a family whose nanny is taking the summer off.

2. Caregiver. Offer companion care or other senior care services to older adults whose families need respite care relief during the summer.

3. Lifeguard or swim instructor. Check local beaches, lakes and pool facilities that may be hiring reliable lifeguards and instructors for swimming lessons.

4. Personal chef. Love to cook? Line up a job as a personal chef for families or older adults who want home-cooked meals.

5. Tutor. If you're a teacher, offer summer tutoring services to kids who are behind or want to get ahead.

6. Pet caregiver. Lots of families travel during the summer and leave pets behind. See if local kennels have job openings or offer your services as a pet sitter.

If you have random weeks off ...

Even a few weeks here and there during the summer can work for several great job opportunities, including:

7. Backup camp counselor. Summer camps often hire enthusiastic counselors to fill in when regular counselors need time off.

8. Home organizer. If you're perpetually organized, look for jobs cleaning out garages and offices or organizing closets, kitchens or other messy spaces.

9. Office temp. Reach out to nearby temp agencies to see if they have jobs openings the weeks you're free. Some agencies focus on specific professions or talents, so find one that fits your resume.

10. Fitness pro. Local gyms might welcome your workout know-how in jobs like yoga instructor or personal trainer.

If you have mornings free or open blocks during the day ...

Don't let big blocks of free time go to waste when you could be earning some dough. Instead, consider these job options:

11. Baker. Are you an early riser? A lot of bakeries get cracking when most people are still sleeping.  

12. Barista. Many cafés and other coffee shops also have early morning shifts to fill. Your morning cuppa included. 

13. Dog walker. You can check in on pets or walk dogs dogs if you have a few hours during the middle of the day.

14. Tech pro. Offer to build or design web pages or handle social media for local businesses in your free time.

If you have summer Fridays ...

Plenty of companies give employees perks like summer Fridays (leaving early every Friday or getting all or some Fridays off completely). Use that time to make extra cash.

15. Sitter. All parents are tired, and that's a fact. That's why there's usually a decent level of demand for date night babysitters

16. House cleaner. Offer housecleaning services sprucing up vacation homes on Fridays, so everything is tidy for new weekend arrivals.

17. Errand runner. Run errands for a busy family or an aging adult — or fill in for a business that is temporarily shorthanded.

18. Entertainment venue worker. Check local theaters, stadiums and concert venues to see if they need ushers or food service workers during busy Friday shows or games.

If you have summer nights available ...

Just have your nights free? Then consider these types of summer jobs:

19. Restaurant worker. Restaurants always need night help, so summer waitstaff and bartending jobs are plentiful and the tips add up.

20. Catering staff. Summer is also a busy season for weddings and other occasions, so catering companies often have openings for servers and bussers.

21. Driver. Love to drive? Rideshare companies need drivers (think tips!) to handle the hustle and bustle of summer nightlife and evening airport runs.

22. Amusement park. Want to revel in summer fun? Amusement parks may need help for the crowds that often accompany the summer months.

If you have free time during weekends at the beach ...

If you live in or want to head to a touristy location like a beach, lake or mountain resort, you can earn money making vacationers' lives easier.

23. Kids' entertainer. If you love working with kids, look for a family-friendly hotel or touristy area where you can hold a kids' craft class, put on a magic show or dress up as a princess and charge for attendance.

24. Hospitality worker. Motels and hotels get packed during the summer months and offer a range of jobs from the front desk and food service to housekeeping. 

25. Retail associate. Retail stores, especially in locales where summer crowds gather, always need reliable weekend help.

Once you find that perfect opportunity, make sure you market your best skills and traits when you apply for the job and interview. Do you think you're an ideal candidate for a summer nanny job because you successfully corralled a cabin full of 9-year-old campers last summer? Say so! Would your champion swimming skills make you an excellent lifeguard? Tell the hiring manager. 

Talk up your unique skills, and soon enough, you'll be spending the summer working hard and growing your bank account.

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