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4 Reasons to Become a Care.com Premium Provider

Lauren Tilden
June 27, 2018

Ready to take your job search to the next level? Invest in a premium provider membership.

As a basic provider, you know there are plenty of tools available to personalize your Care.com experience. You can tell us your schedule and when you're available for work. You can add references and ask for reviews. You can receive job alerts via text. But maybe you've clicked around on the site and noticed your profile doesn't have all the cool features that other profiles do.

Ever thought about upgrading or just wondered if it's worth it? Here are five benefits of taking the plunge and becoming a premium provider.

If you're interested in upgrading, click here.

  1. You'll Appear Higher in Search Results
    When a family searches for a caregiver in their area, a list of potential candidates comes up that matches the request. With a premium provider membership, you come up as one of the top results! Your profile snippet displays a gold outline and is marked as a "featured" caregiver. Families will see your listing first, and notice the extra step you took to gain this special status.

  2. You'll Be Notified of Jobs Before Everyone Else
    With the basic membership, you can opt for a daily email about new job listings in your area. With our premium option, you'll receive this email hours before the basic providers servicing your region. You even get notification emails when families in your area create a new account. With access to this information, you get priority in reaching out to potential families and beginning communication.

  3. You'll Receive Access to Employers Before They Post Jobs
    While looking for a job opportunity as a basic provider, you can see families that have created profiles, but haven't posted a job. As a premium provider, you can access the message function on your Care.com account and actually talk to these prospective families. Premium providers can also view a list of families that have recently viewed their profile (through the "My Stats" section on your home screen). These features allow you to reach out and introduce yourself to a family, knowing they may be looking for care soon.

  4. You'll Have Multiple Payment Options
    After deciding to become a Premium Provider, you'll be given three choices for how long you'd like to use the service. You can pay monthly, every three months or every six months. The longer you sign up for, the lower the average monthly membership cost. For example, if you choose the six month payment plan, you'll immediately pay for six months of membership at one time, but that amount would be less than paying on a month-by-month basis.

All of these perks will help boost your membership experience. But don't forget the Care.com necessities! Appropriate profile pictures, accurate availability and a detailed bio are essential -- no matter which membership you choose. For more information on how to make the most of your profile and improve your response rate, check out these tips and tricks.

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