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16 (Funny) Signs You Need a Break

Julia Quinn-Szcesuil
July 26, 2017

Every now and then we get a sign that we're taking on way too much. Here are a few funny eye-openers shared by fellow working mom of two Julia, that busy moms commonly face. But the real reality check are the stats below, gathered from a new survey from Care.com, showing how scarily stressed out moms really are.

True story: One crazy, overscheduled day, I went to three stores and a friend's house before I realized I had a pen dangling, very obviously, in my hair. I took that as a very clear sign that I was in overdrive! And most moms are. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. You sign a note to the teacher with, "Love you!"
  2. The baby spits up on your shoulder at 6 a.m one day and you're still wearing it at 6 a.m the next.
  3. You look forward to your hour-long, traffic-jammed commute because it's your only alone time.
  4. After a big meeting, you find a price tag dangling from the armhole of your new shirt.
  5. Mac-n-cheese or chicken shaped like dinosaurs seems like a decent dinner. Even for grown-ups.
  6. You wish your morning coffee was your nightly cocktail.
  7. While waiting in line at the deli, you realize you're still wearing your slippers.
  8. Running out of milk actually brings tears to your eyes, making you feel like a total life-failure.
  9. You call your boss by your child's name.
  10. You fall asleep while the kids practice reading to you.
  11. You waste 30 minutes at Target because you can't decide between two pillows for the playroom.
  12. You only put mascara on one eye.
  13. You wake up at 2 am and worry about your kids leaving for college -- and that's not for another 10 years.
  14. The guest bathroom is the only bathroom that gets cleaned – to keep up appearances.
  15. You found a gallon of milk in the car -- two days after you went to the grocery store.
  16. You finally decide to go out for a romantic date night with your partner. But when you call the high school student you usually hire, her mom says she left for college three years ago.

Hang in there, Moms. Putting funny aside, we know how much pressure you put on yourselves to make everything just right. To work, plan activities, raise great kids and have a successful relationship. But we also know that no one is a super hero. In fact, 1 out of 4 working moms admit to crying alone. And 29 percent don’t want to hire help because they feel guilty they can’t do it themselves. This is a problem. We all reach a “tipping point” when we realize we can’t do it alone. But this should not be the same as a “breaking point.” Or, we’re not effective at anything.

There’s too much pressure to be perfect and moms are hurting themselves in the process. Please ask for help! Whether it’s from a friend, family member, neighbor, spouse, housekeeper or hired caregiver, voice your needs, get some extra hands and give yourself a well-deserved break.

Learn more about the Care.com Working Mom Stress Study

Tell me, what have you done that's told you "I need a break!"

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