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14 Profile Pictures You Should NEVER Use

Tiffany Smith
June 27, 2018

Trying to add an image to your Care.com profile? Here are the types of photos you should avoid.

When you're applying to jobs on Care.com, what's one of the most important things to have on your profile? A great profile picture!

In fact, you're more than twice as likely to be contacted by families and businesses if you have a photo in your profile.

But not every photo is right for your profile. Here are 14 types of images that may get rejected by Care.com.

For more information, check out these tips on why your photo was not approved.

  1. Don't Use Inanimate Objects
    While you may love your rubber duck, your profile picture has to actually be a picture of you. Save the cute photos of objects for your social media profiles.
  2. Don't Have Other People in the Picture
    A lot of the photos people take are group shots with friends or family. But in a profile image, you have to be easily identifiable. Don't submit any photos where you could be confused with anyone else. Stick to solo pictures when possible.
  3. Don't Use Pictures With Kids
    It's common for nannies, babysitters and tutors to use profile pictures with children in them -- it's their jobs after all! But if the child in the picture isn't your own, you need the parent's consent (by adding the image to your profile, you're saying you have consent). And some parents may not want pictures of their kids online.
  4. Don't Be Far Away
    While that vacation shot of you on a beach is pretty, it's more about the landscape than you. Good profile pictures should be close up, with your face clear and recognizable.
  5. Don't Crop
    We want to see the whole you! The picture you use shouldn't be cropped so that any portion of your face or head is cut off.
  6. Don’t Be in Disguise
    No hiding allowed! Lots of caregivers try to submit photos with hair in their faces. Look for photos with no sunglasses, hats, hair or other things blocking your face.
  7. Don't Use an Odd Angle
    Pictures from unusual directions can seem like they're creative and will help you stand out. Unfortunately, they usually just make it hard to see you. Use a photo where you're facing the camera directly.
  8. Don't Take a Selfie
    Self-portraits taken with a camera phone are hugely popular right now. But when you take one, it's difficult to get a good angle without cropping part of yourself out. And a reflection in a mirror often isn't clear. Ask a friend to take a photo of you, rather than trying to do it yourself. Some selfies may be allowed -- but they have to be really professional looking.
  9. Don't Be Blurry
    Pictures that are too blurry or too dark won't give employers a good look at you -- and won't be approved.
  10. Don't Create Collages
    Photo collages are great for scrapbooks -- not for profiles. Instead of grouping several pictures into one, break them up. Use the best one for your main image and upload the rest as secondary images (you can have as many as five extras).
  11. Don't Use Cartoons
    Your profile picture should be an actual image, not a cartoon, drawing or other type of simulated photo.
  12. Don't Add a Phone Number
    Your photo should just be a photo. Don't add any emails, phone numbers, addresses or other type of contact information to the image -- or it won't be approved.
  13. Don't Add Text
    The same is true with any other type of text. Don't add your last name or any kids' names to photos. And take a look at the images to make sure names aren't hidden in them -- names in things like diplomas or name tags could cause your photo to be rejected.

  14. Don't Filter
    Leave the filters for Instagram. Your profile photo can't be Photoshopped or have filters on it. That means no borders and black and white images.

Yes, these may seem like a lot of photo rules, but they're for your benefit. We want to help you select the picture that will make the best impression with potential employers, and you get a job.

So then what photos should you use? Here are 7 types of images that can help you get a job.

Note: If you're a business on Care.com (like a day care center, housekeeping company, home care agency, etc.), the rules for your main photo are slightly different:

  • No photos of just an individual person -- your picture needs to look different from the profile pictures of regular caregivers. But you can use those images for your secondary photos.
  • No family photos, unless it's a professional business setting (i.e. reading a group of children a book).
  • No photos that aren't relevant to your type of business
  • No horizontal photos -- use a vertical one
  • No odd crops or large borders
  • No copyright information
  • No contact information -- but you can include things like logos or the name of your business


Tiffany Smith has written for All You, Time for Kids and the Boston Globe. Follow her on Twitter at @tiffanyiswrite. ​​​​​​



Oct. 11, 2015


Oct. 6, 2015

Very helpful god bless

July 25, 2015

I would have not known the selfie was a no go. Now I must find a photographer.

June 6, 2015

This is very helpful. I'll be making some changes.

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