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What Does it Mean to Be Fair?

This blog post is dedicated to my Ma'am Lily from Candelaria, Quezon, Philippines, the wonderful nanny who helped raise my siblings and me -- and the millions of caregivers for our children, adult special needs and our parents/grandparents who dedicate their lives to help mold our loved ones, give us peace of mind and allow us to do what we do everyday! Thank you!

Parents and families, please take the pledge and join us in spreading the word to thank and respect our caregivers. It’s time we started to think differently about how we treat the people who work in our homes.

And a special thank you to the Clinton Global Initiative and President Clinton for honoring our commitment to launch the Fair Care Pledge with the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Hand-in-Hand.

>Learn more about why I’m so passionate about this topic

A link https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/its-time-fair-employment-practices-come-home-sheila-lirio-marcelo?trk=hp-feed-article-title
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