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I Kiss My Children on the Lips – Get Over It

Katie Bugbee
July 10, 2017


The minute my kids could kiss, my world changed. They were about 8 months old and gave the best, slobberiest open-mouth-attacks. It was pure love. They figured out how to express pure love for Mama – and did so with gusto. And, after all the hard work Mama puts in to their love and care and sleeplessness, it’s the sweetest, heart-melting reward.

Recently, Victoria Beckham came under fire for posting a picture on Instagram, kissing her 5-year old daughter.  People attacked her feed saying it was sexual. Even etiquette experts weighed in saying one should only kiss their partner on the lips.

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Kissing your child is not sexual. There’s nothing remotely sexual about it. It’s pure, pure love. I created you. I raised you. I am so, so proud of you. And I adore every inch of your being. I am going to kiss you -- straight forward, head on. I will lift your chin and plant one on your mouth – like a mean it. None of that cheek, air-kiss nonsense. I will also kiss your forehead, your ears, your nose, your neck, your hands, your toes and all of your boo boos. And I will kiss them numerous times, whether it’s to soothe you, greet you at the end of a long day, cheer you up, help you sleep, remind you that everything will be okay, express my pride, or just out of total joy that you are mine.

Now, I’ll admit that I recently cringed a little when I saw my MIL kiss my husband on his lips. And my friend’s dad kisses him on the lips too. Both of these “kids” are nearing 40. And both “kids” feel weird about it (probably, more so when questioned), but it’s their parents who have directed this affection. Okay, I thought, at some point, I’m going to have to start kissing my “babies” on the cheek.

But right now, they are 8, 6 and 2, and a kiss on the cheek would be like giving them the cold shoulder.

My babies are growing. Too fast, at times. And soon, it’s not going to be cool to show your mom so much affection. I’ll show up at school events and get an eye-roll instead of leaps into my arms. I’ll be asked not to hold their hand in front of their friends. They’ll put themselves to sleep, without my backrubs and cuddles. One day, they’ll view kissing as romantic, get self-conscious and start giving me a cheek. And I’ll take it.

But right now, I’m holding on to the innocence of the very pure bond between a parent and child. And anyone who disagrees can kiss my… cheek.

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