Quick Look: The Medibuddy First Aid Kit

The Me4Kidz Medibuddy on-the-go first aid kit
When Me4Kidz sent us a couple of giveaway units of their Medibuddy on-the-go first aid kit, I saw how cute they were and figured that, in the name of science, it was worth a quick review here on Kinsights. As a pediatrician and a parent, I know how slippery the slope can be: before you know it, you really are carrying around the kitchen sink everywhere you go. It can get ridiculous, so anything that's small and cute and promises to be both useful and portable is worth a look.
The Medibuddy's case is small, cute, and sturdy.
At only $5-6, it's certainly not a price that will scare you off, and for that, you get a pretty decent kit, with fifteen fun-looking normal-sized bandages, one large bandage (for knees and elbows), four gauze pads, a few antiseptic wipes, a couple packs of antibiotic ointment, and, perhaps most importantly, a dozen stickers for the road.
There's a lot in this little case, and it covers most of the bases.
What I like about this is that they include the antiseptic wipes, which are easy for parents to forget. And, though it's totally superficial, we all know that fun-colored bandages and stickers actually do work sometimes.
I applied & tore off a bandage (this is science, people!). Thankfully, it was easy and painless.
Best of all is the size and case. It's sturdy, sleek, and small, and has a little extra room if you need a couple additions.
I'd toss in a dose or two of acetaminophen (Tylenol). PediaCare makes great single dose squeeze tubes for kids 4-8 years old.
Likewise, if your child has known allergies, it's probably worth including similar single-doses of diphenhydramine (Benadryl), which often come in melting tablets that can be great for school-age kids. Of course, if you're in this camp, it's worth talking to your doctor about what you should have with you on the go.
No matter what little add-ons you might need, this is a great starter kit, which will help you cover most of the bases most of the time, without taking up your whole bag. And for only a few dollars, the Medibuddy on-the-go first aid kit is definitely worth having when you're out and about.
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