18 funny dad memes that capture everything we love about fathers

June 7, 2021
funny dad memes about leaving lights on with Tiger King
Image via do_less_dad/Instagram

Let’s hear it for the dads. Whether they’re teaching their kids how to ride a bike, enduring hours of dress-up tea parties with their toddlers or navigating the family road trip while wearing their best white sneakers, dads hold a special place in our hearts.

We can always count on them for a helping hand or a good laugh. And, let’s be honest, sometimes those laughs even come at their expense. Dads have their own unique way of doing things, and sometimes their hilarious and quirky approaches to everything from diaper changes to lawn care make them the subject of some truly funny dad memes. 

Every dad loves a good dad joke, and so do we. Here are 18 dad memes that perfectly capture everything we love about fathers.

1. Say what you will about dad style, but it’s truly one of a kind.

Image via SimonCHolland/Instagram

2. They never run out of dad jokes, even when you sort of wish they would.

Image via Memeful.com

3. If you see a dad with a mustache, you’re about to get a lecture.

Image via DadAndBuried/Instagram

4. They get it from their father, right? (Just say yes.)

Image via cerealonthefloor/Instagram

5. “Rub some dirt on it.” – literally every dad

Image via classicdadmoves/Instagram

6. “Father” is another word for “toddler wrangler.”

7. Dads have their own way of doing things. It’s usually the fun way.

Image via FunnyBeing.com

8. “Star Command, do you read me? This is Dad requesting backup.”

Image via TheDad/Instagram

9. He can’t stay long. Somewhere there’s a lawn that needs mowing.

Image via RelaxingMommy/Instagram

10. We don’t know who needs to hear this, but dads cry, too.

Image via DeathByDiapers/Instagram

11. You’ve heard of dad bod. Now witness dad face.

Image via AllStarParents/Instagram

12. You just don’t grow out of some things.

Image via TheDad/Instagram

13. Dads know how to explain a lot of things, but Bitcoin isn’t one of them.

Image via TheCatWhisprer/Instagram

14. Oh, so that’s where they learn the eternal dad phrases.

Image via TheDad/Instagram

15. Sometimes dads are just big kids at heart.

Image via daddvice/Instagram

16. Dad’s cargo shorts pockets aren’t full of money, you know? 

Image via do_less_dad/Instagram

17. Be careful what you yell when the lawn mower breaks.

Image via tellmebabyau/Instagram

18. The car isn’t moving yet, but he will turn it around.

Image via RealToughDad/Instagram
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