19 funny Mother's Day memes to bring on the laughs for mom’s special day

April 6, 2021

Forget the flowers, breakfasts in bed and candles, what moms really want this year is a list of funny Mother’s Day memes. (Actually, don’t forget the flowers, brekkies and candles — we’ll take those, too.)

From a Mother’s Day meme that nails moms’ total lack of privacy to a tweet that perfectly sums up what moms really want on their special day, here are 19 funny Mother’s Day memes and tweets that will have you chuckling — and sharing. 

1. Seriously, do we have to do everything?

Image via Some eCards

2. It may not be our real name, but it’s still our special day. 

Image via Quick Meme

3. Really, a small token of appreciation is all we ask. 

Image via Some eCards

4. It’s only right to return the favor. 

5. Come on, wish Mommie Dearest a happy day, darling.

Image via Quick Meme

6. Sit back and enjoy, mamas. 

Image via Miami Comedy; Comedy Calendar

7. Only a mom would think of something like this. 

8. When your kids didn’t get the “flowers” memo. 

Image source unknown

9. Because it doesn’t count if it’s not on social media. 

Image source unknown

10. The ultimate Mother’s Day gift. 

11. If there was one photo to sum up motherhood ... 

Image source unknown

12. Who says moms don’t do it all?

13. It’s true. Moms like memes. 

Image source unknown

14. When the punishment suits the crime. 

15. Because moms have zero privacy. 

Image via iFunny

16. How everyone should feel on Mother’s Day. And every day. 

17. It’s not a legend … it’s being a mom. 

Image via Imgur

18. Seems like an even exchange. 

19. Seriously, just one day where we get a full break. 

Image via Some eCards
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