18 funny tweets that sum up our love-hate relationship with cleaning the house

March 4, 2021
Image via ihoplollipop/Twitter

Cleaning house is a bit like exercise: The aftermath feels so good, but the actual act … not so much. And similar to exercise, cleaning requires regular maintenance. In other words: If we want to live in a world free of clutter, dust bunnies and streaky windows, we have to keep cleaning. Forever. 

From the messes kids can instantly make after an exhaustive house cleaning to the ways we procrastinate doing chores and tidying up, here are 18 funny tweets that nail the complicated relationship we all have with cleaning. 

1. What exactly is a deep clean?

2. All it takes is one granola bar. 

3. Thanks for “helping,” kids. 

4. Is this really all that weird?

5. Fact: User manuals take up 20% of attic and junk drawer space. 

6. Nope, there’s not an app for doing the darn chores. 

7. We’re gonna hold you to this, kid. 

8. Really, this is just a courtesy. 

9. You never know how messy someone is until you live with them. 

10. What if someone gets the impromptu urge to hang their coat?

11. When you’re dusting and the next thing you know…

12. It’s just a precaution. 

13. When you get the urge, you get the urge. 

14. She really is cleaning … the fridge. 

15. It’s not always the thought that counts. 

16. At least it’s a good secret?

17. “Oh, guys, this is so embarrassing!”

18. *Would not purchase again*

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