16 funny memes for kids

March 4, 2021

Not all memes are for kids. But some are. And, dare we say it, most of them are just as funny as the ones you’d rather not share with little ones. (You know, the ones ... you’re scrolling through on your phone, chuckling seemingly to yourself when a child magically appears over your shoulder, asking, “Can I see?!”)

Whether you’re looking to speak the kids’ proverbial language or want to share something with them that they’ll want to then share with their friends, here are 16 clean memes for kids that are guaranteed to make kids laugh. (Yes, even eye-rolling tweens.)

Kid-friendly memes about school

1. There’s not a person alive who doesn’t know this feeling.

Image via Meme Generator

2. You still have to do your homework, buuut…

Image source unknown

3. Nope, this isn’t awkward at all.

Image source unknown

4. Hurry up! Hurry up!

Image via lakeshaya75/IMG Flip 

5. No one can help but peer in. 

Image source unknown

Funny memes about food

6. Every. Single. Time. 

Image via Quick Meme

7. Step away from the dessert and no one gets hurt. 

Image source unknown

8. It would be a disaster. 

Image via Hot Mess Mama/Instagram

9. When potatoes get you on a spiritual level.

Memes for kids about family

10. From enemies to co-conspirators. 

11. This would never happen on anyone else's watch.

Image source unknown

12. Because siblings do this to each other all the dang time. 

Image via Meme Generator

Funny memes for kids starring babies and animals

13. That’s a kewl ‘do you got there, Mr. Goose. 

Image via Meme Droid

14. When you unexpectedly cross paths with yourself. 

Image via asimafzal93/Imgur

15. OK, fine, come on in. 

16. What kids think of “old” people.

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