17 parents on the insanity that is no child care and no school

May 11, 2020

Whether you work, stay home or do something in between, there’s one thing most parents across the globe are missing right now: A wee bit of time away from their kids in the form of child care or school. Between constantly being interrupted at work (usually during a Zoom meeting, of course) and all the family time, all the time, parents are jonesing for schools and day cares to reopen and to get the OK to have their beloved babysitters and nannies back. 

From “teachers” who drink to the number one thing parents are looking forward to doing when the pandemic is over, here are 17 tweets from moms and dads on the insanity that is no school and child care. 

1. When you realize how beautiful day care really was...

2. A day in kindergarten was everything. 

3. And you may not be the best replacement.

4. You're trying new things. 

5. What could possibly go wrong?

6. But there are some, um, downsides.

7. Remember the good old days...

8. Now, the tradeoffs leave much to be desired.

9. You'd take just about any kind of help right now.

10. Seriously, any kind. 

11. Please send all the help!

12. Mom’s tapping out, guys.

13. Dad does things a little bit different. 

14. Sometimes you just need to throw in the towel.

15. Wave the white flag. 

16. It's OK to lower your expectations. 

17. Dream about a better future ...

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