21 hilarious cries for help from parents trying to homeschool during COVID-19

April 27, 2020

Most of us would have never have dreamed that our jobs as parents would suddenly get so much harder. That we'd be stuck at home due to a pandemic, physically distancing from everyone we love, without child care, without school — and {{{GULP}}} put in charge of homeschooling our kids. This task certainly wasn't discussed in all those parenting books.

Here are 21 tweets from parents who didn't choose to homeschool their kids. And probably for good reason. Stick a fork in us, we're done.

1. We signed up for sleep deprivation and potty-training, not this ...

2. Elementary school math wasn't part of the deal. 

3. Let alone ... middle school math!

4. Not even sure this counts as education. 

5. Our kids are having to get creative. 

6. And we're getting, um, creative too. 

7. Some days we feel like we got this. 

8. Writing is writing ... right?

9. But mostly ... we don't, uh, got this.

10. Our lesson plans feel desperate. 

11. And we're finding out we're not equipped. 

12. Are we the kind of teachers our kids deserve? 

13. Are we doing this right?

14. How about now? 

15. Hmm, this certainly isn't a good look. 

16. It's very possible we're the wrong people for this job. 

17. Seriously, what has become of this school?

18. Give. Teachers. All. The. Raises.

19. Is this a bad time?

20. How do we get off this wild ride?

21. Or maybe, just maybe, we can find a good lesson in here somewhere.

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