15 parents reveal the stinky truth about potty training

Feb. 13, 2020
15 parents get real on the stinky truth of potty training

Potty training. Are moms and dads ever really ready for it (even if their child seems to be)? Sure, it’s great to ditch the diapers for good, but the process, what with its stickers, pep talks and — real talk here — poo. It is a task. 

From the art of rewarding yourself while potty training your toddler to the hell that is visiting a public restroom with your ever-curious child, here are 15 all too real tweets about potty training. If you know you know. 

1. Wait, where did it…

2.  The art of conversation.

3. The difference between one and two (kids). 

4. When you want to see what everyone has to offer. 

5. Just… aim… in… the… potty!

6. When you walk into the bathroom and — oh man!

7. Might be an indication. 

8. So, this is what it’s come to. 

9. We do what we need to do. 

10. When you look at it that way. 

11. That’s a solid sign. 

12. That’s not how it works, kid. 

13. The game no one wants to play. 

14. You win some. You lose some. 

15. Here goes nothin’!

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