15 parents share the unsavory yet silly truths about mealtime with kids

Dec. 5, 2019

Ah, food, kids and parents. What a complicated trio it is. In some cases, kids refuse to eat anything but buttered rolls. In others, they get more food on the floor than in their mouths. And, perhaps in the cruelest twist of all, sometimes parents are forced to eat their candy in the broom closet instead of where it’s meant to be eaten: mindlessly in front of the TV or while standing at the countertop, staring off into space. Thanks, kids. 

From the amazing mess that can result from a solitary granola bar to the gross habits we pick up as parents, here are 15 hilarious tweets from parents about mealtime with kids. Got a wet-nap handy?

1. It’s actually a good idea. 

2. When the kid actually makes sense. 

3. A disgusting point you never thought of. 

4. When the kids both want a sweet treat. 

5. Soooo … you don’t like them?

6. When the student becomes the teacher. 

7. Did you have a good time at school today, little buddy?

8. A little mealtime reverse psychology. 

9. Seriously, this was your favorite yesterday. 

10. At least they’re eating?

11. You do see the irony, right, kiddo?

12. Ahhhh, that was a good one, mom!

13. How did this even happen?

14. Why do you even ask, guys?

15. If our childless selves could only see us now!

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