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15 parents reveal the thankless reality that is Thanksgiving with kids

Nov. 21, 2019

Let’s talk turkey. Actually, scratch that, let’s talk about how kids don’t eat turkey. Or stuffing. Or cranberry sauce. You know what, mom and dad, why don’t you just go ahead and heat up some chicken nuggets while your Thanksgiving Day feast gets cold. You don’t mind, do you?

While there’s no denying that Thanksgiving is more lively and fun with little ones around, let’s be honest: It’s also a little more stressful, a lot more messy and way less relaxing. 

From kids “helping” in the kitchen to the recipes you just don’t have time to make (because kids), here are 15 tweets from parents who perfectly sum up Thanksgiving with kids. Gobble, gobble!

1. A feast for the royals.

2. It's important to dream.

3. Pretty much.

4. “Stop making the ugly face, Timmy!”

5. It’s really getting late.

6. A beautiful mess.

7. You know what? Whatever.

8. So glad I made all this food.

9. Kid’s got a point.

10. Well, this is awkward.

11. Don’t judge me, Aunt Susan.

12. It’s a decent rule, tbh.

13. It’s so nice being together.

14. Seriously, guys … ONE THING.

15. Annnnd that about sums it up.

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