14 parents of teenagers make us laugh about the most humbling job there is

Sept. 25, 2020

If the baby years were filled with spit-up and the toddler years with tantrums, the teen years are definitely all about the eye rolls. And sighs. And general air of “God, you don’t know anything, Mom and Dad.” Make no mistake about it: Teens are awesome, smart, driven and full of incredible ideas. But let’s be real here, they can also be a pain in the Valencia-filtered butt. 

From messy rooms to slamming doors, here are 14 hilarious tweets from parents of teens. Mom and Dad may not know anything, but they sure are funny. 

1. Pretty much.

2. Sorry to laugh, but…

3. Can't say we didn't try.

4. Kids these days.  

5. Or just make this a punishment?

6. Better than B.O. … or worse?

7. Nailed it. 

8. Just having a snack, kid?

9. Are you an actual bottomless pit? 

10. Who doesn’t want mom in the background?!

11. Not cool, dad!

12. Please chill with the mockery.

13. When your kid doesn’t want to drink all the milk. 

14. Seriously, is there hardwood under there, or…?

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